LSR Notes: 1/13/21

  1. I got a bunch of free noodles from someone over Christmas … and I’m thinking they’re adding a lot more sawdust to the noodles than they used to … “but Dan, that’s fiber!” … it sure is. Probably sawdust and post-recycled cardboard.
  2. The diaspora … the exile … the disconnection. And what does Alexander give us? – the WWW, the social media, but we are WORSE than wandering in the desert .. at least they were close to friends. We are lost in the wilderness, each of us alone, connecting authentically with the loneliness of Genesis.
  3. It’s OK to refine quotes and ideas: like the Von Moltke / Mike Tyson thingy … “If you live a long life, you were either very wise or a lucky fool.” – Dr. Freckles
  4. Remember, there’s good and bad luck … and, being wise DOES NOT equal happy … per the above quote.
  5. You can freeze dry flies … you can freeze dry them and crush them and make soup mix from them … once we’re done gnawing on all the plastic … once we’re done with the crinkle chili and the bust-a-nutt bbq? … we can collect the flies and eat them … and that will be our last supper.
  6. I’m watching “Twin Peaks” … and I think David Lynch has mastered the art of translating all human emotion as vomit.