VCOLS #18: Forgiveness and Hate, Good and Evil

  1. First Reading, Psalm 79:
  2. Announcements: I am struggling with MY faith. Your connection to God is yours. It is a personal connection. If I speak in terms of “me” or “I”, I am saying it is MY SOUL, not yours, that I responsible. BTW: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURS! With respect to sobriety, I may be on that rocky path, but I can’t say there are many who are sober – what I see is a world drunk on evil, some poisoned by it, many still reeling from the intoxication. It was suggested by a few that I do a service when I am able, if I feel the Holy Spirit … this is good advice … I would suggest we all pray as the Spirit moves us, for each day is a blessing and lasts till sunset.
  3. Second Reading, 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11:
  4. Prayer to forgive, for forgiveness, for healing and the rejection of Satan.
  5. Third Reading, Luke 6: 27-42:
  6. WOUNDED KNEE: A discussion of forgiveness and hate and the grace of God: a) scars of youth, b) scars of love and the pain of broken hearts, c) the obvious corruption of Earthly powers as has always been, d) ACCEPTING forgiveness … We can find a lot of people to hate today. There are many that I would say I hate. I can’t claim to have overcome this anger, this rage, this hate NOR can I tell you when it subsides. I can imagine many people feel the same way. We seek to walk in His path, but we walk by the wayside to get our revenge … and yet, in those rare moments when I can forgive? – I think I come closest to understanding God … the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit … when I am able to let go of grievances, when I am able to accept forgiveness. And yes: we need to seek redemption … what was it that angered God? – Cain’s murder, or his evasion? both … but the evasion made it worse. For did he understand what death was? Christ is a path to redemption for all sinners, this we must believe.
  7. Silent reflection on forgiveness, apologies, redemption, and receiving forgiveness …
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Blessings to all … God Bless!