LSR Notes: 1/9/21

  1. Possible Clathrate Gun event?
  2. Is there any sect of Christianity that believes Alexander the Great is in Jesus’ family tree?
  3. the “jab” … (a boxing term) … you want to fly on a plane? – you must be punched. You want food, housing? – punched.
  4. I used to play Far Cry on XBOX Live … 12 years ago …. and there would be these “conflicts” that would develop … but it was never a “thing”. Twitter conflicts, and other social media, fall into the same category – it’s not community … it’s a video game … twitter is a video game.
  5. Mask is conditioning for a lower atmospheric oxygen scenario … <11% …
  6. “Running Out” the clock, vs “Running Down” the clock … and the Trump impeachment and other trauma monkeys.
  7. When food gets scarce? And people need cash? The new “yellow curry” go with your “rice” ration … (won’t be rice, just recycled plastic and pulverized cardboard) … SEMEN harvesting … by 2024.