LSR Notes: 1/6/21

  1. “Chili cheese wine, chili cheese wine, everything is fine if you drink chili cheese wine … ON SALE AT SCHLIMBICK’S FOOD PLACE … next to the old person kill-kill place … used to be called Harborview …”
  2. Just witnessed one of the weirdest geoengineering spray jobs. 3 planes, parallel paths, then diverging … the video quality is terrible because I was too late … if I’d given a shit?
  3. Remember the movie “Independence Day” (1996)? “There’s a clock, and it’s counting down.” … ok … but imagine it was more like “we have 1 timeout left, and they have 3, and it’s 21-14 and we’re behind … 4th quarter … 4 minutes left …” – that movie, in theory, could have lasted 2 days … this is how the covid shit feels … or … imagine the clock was designed by Satoshi … then yeah … this is how that would feel. Satoshi: “I guarantee that all clocks are synchronized and accurate …” … GREAT … 7 DAYS AFTER I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS … MAYBE? that’s been this “running down the clock” covid-dystopia too-stupid to be this stupid nightmare.
  4. King Solomon: “Give me wisdom Lord …” …. God: “Wait, wut?” King Solomon: “LORD GIVE ME WISDOM!” …. God be like “ok mother fucker”, and King Solomon be like “fuck, this world is so depressing, I’m going to write Ecclesiastes and be sad and shit ….” and Rod Serling be like “HA … told you so … HIGH FIVE JESUS” … and Jesus and Rod Serling HIGH FIVE …
  5. If you don’t know the difference between curses and coarse language? – FUCK YOU.
  6. The “Screwtape Letters” is the “Who moved my Cheese” of the demon world.
  7. These guys brought the wrong equipment …