LSR Notes: 1/5/21

  1. right now I feel like a burnt out and angry old dude … who feels a strange sadness for a world that is not yet gone, but seems as if it will be gone … and the embers of freedom are glowing faintly, and it seems as if the human race is marching, glumly, into the abyss.
  2. What am I angry about?: a) frenchies, b) Nate’s being closed, c) every SyFy thingy is now in British Columbia, d) quinoa, e) kale, f) masks … not just because they don’t work and poison the brain and body … but because they’re lame AS fuck …, g) Elon Musk … TESLA was a cool dude, and Musk is a douche … h) pocket knife or swing blade VS switch blade … i) Seattle
  1. Future combat unit, align yourself with rebel squad X. Future combat unit, forge knives and cannon and steel chain and pipe and love … Future combat unit, build your base on the top of the hill. Future Combat unit, be careful what you kill. Future combat unit, attack the flank with a plutonium tank … Future combat unit … what’s wrong? Future combat unit, you’re covered in grass and whiskey and ass … take time today, and make sure the outer realm is no longer held by the Queen’s mauve minstrels, and her bountiful busty women’s league in charge of finding bacon and cigarettes and dismay.
  2. It seems that the KEY to the VIRUS is to be a construction worker …