LSR Notes: 1/4/21

  1. Parables would be SHIT without CHOICES and CONSEQUENCES …
  2. I hate editing audio when I’m in a rage filled state.
  3. Good news, right? (or is there more to the story?)
  4. When I read Drudge now? – I think “Pravda” … and ZeroHedge? – “Izvestiya” … this is how it reads now in the COVIET UNION …
  5. “Hell is a very crowded place.” – Dr. Freckles
  6. “Infinite Gray Nothing”, and the job at X-Box …
  7. the thing that pissed me off about the “I’m boog but the rona is real …” assholes …
  8. tired of explaining the terrain … “Dan, what should we do …” .. I don’t know man, what did I say 5 years ago?
  9. ACTION REPORT: Horgan is reigning supreme in region 8 of Ballard, swamp goddess Tereza is fornicating in the gables not far from where the old oil wine is kept … Charlie Uouze is on the loose … he’s been on the run since he killed 3 hookers in Magnolia, leaving Chesty McClure to rot next to the lost hippos of Tacoma. And in the distance a rumble of borderline freaks not waiting for the insides to melt, unable to express discontent over the whale sandwiches being sold at McDonald’s … in lieu of filet-o-fish, now the tumorous bodies of killer whales will feed our pie holes … Starguard is moving all its armies to guard the moon portal in White Center, and West Seattle is mostly dead … not from covid … but from that new weird mold.
  10. Got some good negative and weird feedback, thus far, from “Cartoon Soldiers” … I think I pushed some buttons … but actual operators? – don’t have those buttons really … not the stupid twitter ones over some drunk hobo dude who is shadow banned in Little Saigon … yeah … the level of this mind fuck is revealing itself.
  11. Another thing: if you were really “boog”, why the fuck would you ever post ANY REAL identifying info? If someone on YouTube anonymously identifies some dude? Based upon a few variables? WHO THE FUCK IS TO BLAME FOR THAT SHIT? THE HOBO? or THE OPERATOR? … seems like the dude that thinks he’s all that would be smarter … less likely to post so much identifying info … almost like these accounts of “boog” folks are total bullshit. And, there may be some LARP’s in the wind, that go around pretending to be something they are not. I can’t really say … I just have such fucking great luck when it comes to this. But what am I really saying: IF YOU ARE LEGITIMATELY COMMITTED TO GUERRILLA WARFARE? – then I’ve told you shit you should already know. If you’re not? – I’m speaking to empty space.
  12. The shadow of “blue check mark” bullshit … the penumbra. This region that is the reflection is likely more deceptive and manipulative … perhaps a bigger joke … and there are these actors that exist on another level … some “real” people … and this all ties together a deception, a traveling circus of lies … and social media churns on this.
  1. OVERTON WINDOW social media accounts: Are you an “overton window” twitter account? (you might be) (you might not know it) … I call it the “banal rebel narrative” of bullshit and bitcoin and poison masquerading as optimism. “Look at my shot group, look at my abs … I’ve started a 9 day lemon juice cleanse… hey man … I’m mining bitcoin, I’m fucking a hooker … I’m snorting coke while fighting the oligarchy … man” … yawn cartoon heroes. … “Look at my shot group Dan …” “… that’s great …” “Look at my meal from wholesome shit Dan …” “Yeah … dude … that looks so real, like the last STAR WARS …” “What do you mean Dan?” (this is what I’m done with) “Covid is not so bad Dan … not if you eat vitamin rich foods and take vitamin D …” “… there is no COVID …” “… and if you exercise, and get your abs TIGHT …” “THERE IS NO FUCKING COVID YOU FUCK!” (this … this dumb ass conversation is SO 2020) “Dan … COVID IS REAL … gin and tonics and cigarettes and vitamin D and REALLY GREAT ABS cures it …” (this is gas lighting)
  2. Cartoon soldiers,hiding on the web … Cartoon soldiers, planning out their ops, not afraid of cops, unless it’s a friend – and then blue and black flags till the end. Working on your abs, posting shots of your running clock, shot groups, magazines, 3D printers, and bullshit. … there are a lot cartoon honeypots – on twitter, and elsewhere … some have been talking “boogaloo” bullshit since 2015 … or further back. be careful not to waste time on cartoon soldiers … Real rebels? – they aren’t on twitter or social media right now. (in the field) There are cartoon-soldier-honeypot schemes … on social media sites, like twitter, that have put people’s LIVES IN FUCKING DANGER … That association? That tracking process? (they are helping) (that’s how I feel about cartoon soldiers)
  3. a) cigarettes: cures covid b) Vitamin D: cures covid c) Gin and Tonic: cures covid d) videos of your AR shot group: cures covid e) Alcoholism: cures covid f) Being an essential worker: cures covid … THE ONLY FUCKING THING THAT APPARENTLY DOES NOT CURE COVID: the vaccines.
  4. I was able to carry $80 worth of groceries a mile this morning, and up 5 flights of stairs … a year ago this would have taken 2 trips … am I in “excellent physical shape” or is there a more logical explanation … break into study groups, discuss.
  5. Some of you follow me on twitter. I created an account last year, because I was curious … curious if people were still talking the same bullshit. (they were) I was assured by the boogaloo-rebel-mandalorian-alliance of cartoon soldiers that “we would win” by now … and I knew that was bullshit, and my voice was never that loud on that shitty controlled platform. I am shadow banned there, so choosing to be there is about friends – GUESS WHAT … You can reach me by email, if you’re my friend. if you’re not my friend? – then you probably aren’t reading this. Whatever you think is coming? – social media is a waste of your energy … better to work on grass roots connection and community at this point … “walking distance” community … (if you understand what that means) It means: a community where you could theoretically walk for half a day and get to your furthest neighbor. That’s the community we should be focusing on. Not snake pits, not social media. God bless if you love it there – but you can still reach me by email if you care to, and some of you have my phone. Tired of the incessant gas lighting that I’m exposed to on that wretched platform.
  6. “A humanistic optimism points to an irreligious state of the human heart.” – Harry Bultema