LSR Notes: 1/3/21

  1. Helpful hint: if Dick Cheney is on your side? (that means you’re working for the Devil)
  2. The CHONGO-CLAN is screaming in the street, parasite warriors with bloody fingers and hungry eyes, scratching for whatever morsel of rotten cheese … still clinging to the pizza box of despair … the old and warn out plans of this wandering gypsy train, and sweat covered apes. “CALL FORTH THE HOOKER COPS!” Screamed Queen Shambles, as the Belltown fuckheads steal worn out cat pelts and old bottles of trucker urine … imbued with meth. “BRING THE CHIEF OF POLICE!” And the whore chiefs rubbed their feces on their own balls and pulled back their penis.
  1. Tell me Mr. Goldsmith, what have you seen … tell me about the old man in the cave … tell me man, do you feel like a slave … if James Coburn steals your food and your hoe, tell me Mr. Goldsmith, where will you go …
  2. “Next time we vote, we’ll be free.” (something a fool mutters, in a camp, in 2023)
  3. I would rather die from a gunshot wound to the head than die of organ failure. That’s why I might stay sober, exercise, find “healthy” food … (that’s my silver rainbow)
  4. “freedom to be safe” … what fresh hell bullshit is this?
  5. Maybe I should use the time I have left to finish my treatise on “Mind Love: Sacred Tools for Hypnotizing Women to Get Laid!” … Seems as good a use of time as drinking beer or mining bitcoin or masturbating …
  6. BREAKING NEWS from 2023: food-cancer is growing. Charlie’s Tumor Shack removes 5 tumors, for 5 bucks … Sklimps is selling taddle-food … the best taddle-food in Seattle, grown at the Boeing protein yards, not far from where people used to have hope. Soup lords have taken over sectors 8 and 12 … the jello-freaks are beginning to harvest rat corn, while cricket masters move their creep armies up and down Broadway. The limp folk, sour and neglected, bones creaking, minds enraged … they own the hope now, and they’ve tossed it in the burn barrel … as they warm their hands.
  7. Amen, awoman … I made love to a huwoman, when I was hunting truggle-snakes in the T’rof Mtns … she was covered in mud and had the face of some dirty bird just got fired from her one job as a cigarette girl at the Plaza … and I had fire in my loins, and a laser cannon unit.
  1. Some strange shit on 12th AVE last night … Here’s what I think happened last night on my street. A REAL THUG WAS THREATENING NWO PLANS! A REAL THUG WAS THREATENING BLACK LIVES MATTER BULLSHIT! I saw the response I would have seen, last summer, if the shit LAST SUMMER had been real. Real shit? – 7 cop cars per thug.
  2. Play this a game today – Identify every life critical item in your life ask this question: WHERE THE FUCK DOES THAT COME FROM? And I don’t mean “the milk comes from Kroger” … you have to work harder than that, otherwise you fit into the X category of people buried next year.
  3. “… And then there are high powered rifles that can shoot a hundred yards …” Dear … There were rifles like that 200 years ago … (this is why I think most people are too stupid to make it – spiritually, cognitively, as dumb as the degenerates of Sodom)
  4. the USA was a wretched and murderous PONZI scheme … and more importantly to your situational awareness and survival? IT’S OVER … A new ponzi is coming or collapse … (that’s it) Or here’s another way of looking at it: Every government is some variety of ponzi scheme … a sub class. OR, a ponzi scheme is a simplified model of government. Or maybe it’s this: ponzi schemes, gas lighting, governments, cults, public school, communism, basic training … these are all of the class “mind fuck” … There are many kinds of mind fuck … and government is just a giant super mind fuck … (and you are the hooker)
  5. I expected there to be 8 Kings of G’ral … but instead I was left with moldy old witch whores, and stale hooker clams, and the rancid groin grease of the 8 muglimite wenches of sectors 35 and 89 … with no one left to clean up the blood or to bury the bodies or the knives.
  6. Captain Kidd was probably called Captain Kidd because he made love like a pirate and had a lot of kids …
  7. social media: when you feel like you’re not gas lit enough …
  8. The Umbrella Academy by NETFLIX: When you want to watch several morality plays describing how much straight white men suck.