LSR Notes: 1/2/21

  1. “Essential worker: the person they kill LAST.” – Dr. Freckles … There’s NO SUCH THING as an “essential worker” in a free society … Work in a free world? – what a man or woman is willing to pay you to complete some task. (why is this so fucking complicated?)
  2. what a beautiful black-brown-grey shitty sky today, over #Seattle … only 99.6% chance of shitty brown-grey poop skies … (so much nicer sober)
  3. Disease carriers:
  4. Just saw another mom, with a toddler … the mom had a mask on, the toddler had a mask on … (so glad I’m sober) (next time: I’ll probably punch the bitch in the face) I picked a bad time to quit drinking … if I’m able. Not sure how I will stay sane. Not sure how many more weeks, don’t know.
  5. If you are an “essential worker” right now? (it’s because Satan needs you)
  6. I know a lot of you folks are not religious – that’s ok. But I will say this: I think God has been squeezing my testicles for the last few weeks. Especially the last couple days … MESSAGE RECEIVED … (and probably deserved)
  7. in the coming weeks, months … a lot of folks will say … repeatedly … “I didn’t know …” … “How could I have known …” I will want to punch these fuckers in the face.
  8. 1. a mom puts a mask on her child for several months. 2. child gets pneumonia and dies. 3. Mom screams “HOW COULD I HAVE KNOWN?” I will only smile in a collapsitarian way and utter, “well at least your child is with Jesus …” (sadly: she’s going to a different place)
  9. There are truths that should be obvious. And there are truths to be revealed that will be even MORE obvious. If you can’t see these truths? Now or tomorrow? You will be lost. Not lost for a day – lost forever. (But by all means, tell me about your bitcoin on the death star)
  10. I didn’t want to say this before now: This Satanic lie might never end, it may be prophecy. But since we’re not dead yet? – why don’t we use our free will and admit: THIS WILL NOT END UNTIL THESE TYRANNICAL MOTHER FUCKERS START DYING …(that’s where we are at)
  11. I think my UTI is really a GDC … And the GDC is likely at HUX or a VBNRT … And if I get my HG nodes removed, I will become transcendent in frequency 33.45z … And the cattle queens will hunt me for my magical jam, and the whiskey witches will fear my male juice power.
  12. There’s a 50% chance I buy a pack of cigs tonight … if only for the exercise of going up and down stairs AND for the pissing off of mothers who put masks on their babies. I will blow smoke in that nursing mother’s face mask … (I wonder if it will help her, the mask)
  13. Everyone thinks we’re in “1984” … I think we’re in ZARDOZ …
  14. It’s possible I may have had scurvy …
  15. 1. aliens cure covid 2. alien king is made world leader 3. pope tells all Christians to worship alien king (2021)
  16. Larry KING: Another HERO of the COVIET UNION is about to FALL! ALL HAIL THE CORONA! VACCINES FOR ALL! Marianne from Gilligan’s Island? that political guy? Heroes … heroes all.
  17. “2021: that sinking feeling in your stomach? – that’s intuition.” – Dr. Freckles
  18. Lots of people will ask me “Dan, do you expect to be hunted by wolf-apes … ?” and they are always surprised by my reply, and the ONE EASY TRICK to dealing with wolf-apes … and this is why I love pickle juice in my skunctus … and to reveal the dark enveloper of my beard.
  19. If I had a heart attack, I’m not sure I’d want to go to the hospital.
  20. I saw a SPACEX rocket in a picture, and I thought: shit, this looks so realistic …
  21. 2021: they announce that Earth is doomed … we can go to Mars and live, but we can only evacuate 100 million people … Will you make the cut? (I know I don’t want to) “Come to MARS …” This is why Elon Musk has been doing the nutty crazy shit he’s been doing … Mars.
  1. Palindrome? – depending on form of date …
  2. Schrodinger’s Fool: let’s say there’s a Client(n) in some ponzi scheme. This client, (n), is the “discovery client” that leads to the ponzi scheme being known. Every client (n-50) made money … so if you were one of these earlier clients, that “made money” off the scam? If you are one of these clients, and you DIED before the ponzi scheme was discovered? – do you care … the best ponzi schemes last a long time (I know this is almost a tautology) But the key: slow and low … like social security … or communism generally … or “democracy” or central banking. You don’t steal ALL THE SHIT AT ONCE … you behave more like a leech. From the fall of the Tarquins in the 5th Century, to the Turks scaling the walls of Constantinople at the end of the 15th Century … The Roman Empire was the most successful ponzi scheme (read: government) in history …
  3. Fun playing random songs backwards? … (SCARY)