LSR Notes: 1/1/21

  1. “I didn’t think I’d live to see 2021 … like … I was hoping I wouldn’t …” – Dr. Freckles
  2. “Hey, Pardue … what are you doing?” “I’m going to join the Great Hall …” “Ok, see you later …” (Tom Hanks jumps to his death – cue laugh track) This is a better ending.
  3. Remember when our biggest problem was early onset schizophrenia triggered by playing Dungeons and Dragons? (that was awesome)
  4. Yes – this election GLARINGLY showed the fraud, but as important? You should NOT be under the illusion that ANY of these “elected officials” have any power to begin with. We are literally fighting over who wins the World Wrestling Smackdown …
  5. Remember when … We were MAINLY worried about kids playing HEAVY METAL backwards with their turntables? Thereby opening portals to Hell? (shit, those were simpler times) … and then you’re like “wait a minute Dan … maybe those damn kids, by playing their AC/DC backwards CAUSED THIS WRETCHED AGE?!? (so maybe they shouldn’t have been playing Metallica backwards …)