A prayer for peace …

Lord in Heaven,

You give to us a world of life and joy,

you make ready a feast, you breathe into our lungs that first breath.

Jesus – on our first day you were there, to shelter, to guide, to love,

along our journey we sin, we fight, we commit abuses against our neighbors,

but Lord … in spite of this, you are prepared to help us heal, to forgive, to welcome us back.

I pray this day that people can learn by your example, as demonstrated in the gospels,

I pray this day that people can heed your wisdom, your guidance.

I pray for my brothers and sisters that we do more than WAIT for PEACE!

I pray we begin building it, with love, compassion, cooperation, and liberty.

I pray we remember our birthright as humans,

I pray we remember our value, our dignity,

I pray we begin to heal,

I pray for peace.