LSR Notes: 12/31/20

  1. a) Free societies don’t have “reset buttons”. b) Humpty Dumpty ALSO does not have a reset button. c) Perpetual motion machines don’t exist. (I wonder how much more of this I need to say) Not surprising that crypto-cultists push the “reset mythology”. (at least they will have electricity, on the death star, so they can mine shit coins)
  2. “Why would God let this happen?” (that’s a really stupid fucking question) (most of the shit? – people work) (that free will he gave you? – also rope to hang yourself with) Let’s make a resolution and STOP blaming God for stupid shit WE FUCKING DO! (let’s do that)
  3. Here is the feature of my typical @YouTube troll: 1. non-descript account 2. stupid name beyond belief 3. comments that are randomly contradictory 4. NEVER DONATE (they don’t donate shit …) I listen to my customers … so sorry Neo-Stalinist YouTube … you dipshits.
  4. … if I had a mansion … … with an automated gate, and intercom … I would close loop the intercom at the gate, every time they spoke, there would be a short delay, and then they would hear my recorded voice saying “fuck you” … if I had a mansion …
  5. “My name is Scott BLAH BLAH … this is my wife PETUNIA … I help get water to people in a video commercial to convince you that shit like this solves problems so you stay seated on your ass and do nothing, for helping people … for love … call me Scott Psyop.” – Water Dude
  6. the tweet concerning Tom Hanks and the movie “Ring My Bell” – the story of a vaccine injured hero – likely triggered a Hollywood movie-gen algorithm … A self-created prophecy of self-fulfilling info magic …
  7. Minarchism: the theory that IF we can keep the “crocodile” (read: the state) on a diet, it will only do the basic shit we want and nothing else. Problem is? – you will then see it for what it is … a training wheel … unnecessary, irrelevant … and it will cease to exist.
  8. America: the writing is terrible, but the special effects are great …
  9. Here’s what we do in 2021 … a) Reject FEAR, b) Accept Jesus
  10. a fellowship offering is an Honor to God. please, especially if you’re still young: go out and LIVE TONIGHT! PARTY AND DANCE AND DO SO WITHOUT FEAR OR MASKS! BE HUMAN AND BE KIND! If you’re an Atheist you’ll have fun. If you’re a Christian, you’ll be worshiping Jesus.
  11. “The hookers did it all in one night.” – Dick’ns