LSR Notes: 12/30/20

  1. I remember back in 2012 folks saying … “come to Zero Hedge … so much better than Market Watch” … which at the time made sense … now? … Now it’s the same shit.
  2. Colorado gas outage “caused by vandals” … meh … or our system is doing what other crooked systems do at the end: blame “terrorists” for systemic collapse
  3. … because the COVID bullshit? – the CORVIDS will RISE!
  4. How do I know people might be so stupid they are doomed? (people are STILL talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa like they are “real” things …” They are as real as JRTC. They are as real as the OPFOR I played in the 90’s during military exercises … (that real)
  5. the nonsense is increasing … they are REALLY trying to run down the clock … but to what?What happens when the time is up? When the last time out has been used up? (I think we’re going to find out soon)
  6. United States of America: a multi-level mind-fuck and pyramid scheme.
  7. If there is a NUMBER in the trailing characters of your TWITTER ID? That is ONE FACTOR in determining you are a bullshit account. If you furthermore beg for followers 30 seconds after following me? – that is another factor. Not a guarantee – but a factor. There are some VERY advanced troll accounts … “Angry Okinawan” is one … “Jesse the Punk” (telling us to get the vaccine even though she’s an anarchist) is another … probably … they get deleted, they pop up again … they have these weird rebirth narratives … maybe they’re real … but unlikely.
  8. Troll properties: 1. trailing numeric values in ID. 2. begs for followers. 3. more retweets and likes than anything else. 4. passive aggressive conflict models. 5. will claim to “not have a good phone” – and when you do talk to them, finally? – it sounds like they’re BS. 6. follow patterns of checking in – you can track this …
  9. In Search Of: “This series presents information … that is mostly bullshit … but we hired Leonard Nimoy and we have really spooky fucking music playing … in the background …”
  10. My weird theory of the NOW, temporal editing and the Mandela Effect …
  11. “I am a cocaine hero in a hooker-world …” – Colby Jack
  12. From a listener: “No, I never had a cat eaten by coyotes. But, I am pretty sure the Chihuahua I had was eaten by some. That dog never did like me. One day while outside, Chihuahua looked at me with hate in its eyes then turned and walked across the road towards the cattle ranch south of our place. I hollered out its name and tried to coax it to come back. But it only shook its head and quickly disappeared into the thick grass of its newfound home. Later that night I heard the coyotes howling their contentment at having a new friend for dinner.”
  13. based on the STACK of mail I got today? and the fact that some of the letters looked opened and resealed? (I think some lazy fed was reading my mail the last few weeks) THANKS FREE AMERICA! FUCK! (what would I DO without all this fucking freedom?)
  14. I like free markets … WHY? Because then stupid fucking questions like “give me your argument for or against Ethereum” are just irrelevant forms of mental masturbation. I wish we had free markets, and not this wretched neo-Stalinist dystopian cesspool shit-bird commie party.
  15. Recipe for DESTRUCTION! 1. one twisted tea … 2. one old RV … 3. some weird looking dude with weird looking vacant eyes. (recipe for obliteration)