These are a mixture of comedy, tragedy, funny, farce, sarcasm and real intuition. Please, don’t take them too seriously … Please, be happy while you’re still alive.

A podcast will accompany this … probably do it tomorrow or WED … fuck.

Getting ready for my predictions episode podcast … (need to make grimulack first, so as to call forth the spirits of glimmpf)

“… he had claimed to have provisioned an abandoned mine shaft with food and liquor in case of an eruption …” –

  1. Haglamite Witch Wars: Among the tryptic beasts of Mt. Ivory, where the nonsense wolves raise ire over new schemes to regulate the forest? To ensure that NO TREE GROWS TOO HIGH … in honor of RUSH. There will arise a great empress named U’ria … she will have yellow hair and greenish skin and large, very firm, breasts. She will form 7 tribes of witch maidens, each one responsible for a separate sect-oil-pool … a pool in which they bathe, naked, rubbing oils and greases on each other’s large knockers.
  2. Clathrate Gun and Final Stage Geoengineering: (don’t eat the snow), hot house Earth, gators in Seattle, and the Lex Luthor property investment scheme … … this also explains the COVID psyop … keeping roads clear … running down the clock shit (this isn’t like an asteroid where you can make precise predictions, more like an earthquake). It also means that people will start dropping dead from toxic shock. It’s possible that’s what really happened in WUHAN – a CCP solar radiation management and spraying event that put too much shit into the air column.
  3. ZOO MEAT ARBITRAGE: (new style Brazilian Steak Houses) … some time in early to mid 2021, many municipalities will be so terribly broke that no amount of magical money will keep protein at the store … and after people realize “printed food” was a movie, and not really a functional thing? – yeah … they’ll run out of frenchies first. Then comes Kentucky Fried Tiger … then comes “Woodland Park Zoo: Brazilian Style Steak House” … WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! “Mom?” “Yes boy-girl-zhe-unit?” “Can we get some Kentucky Fried Tiger?” “We sure can … we’ll get it on the way to picking up your dad from prison.” KFT: cuz it feels right … Panda Express? (you know what they’re serving in 2024)
  4. Food Shortages: wow, related to the “zoo meat arbitrage” …
  5. Soviet Union Style Collapse (nice thought): this is my most hopeful prediction … that we throw off the empire, the deep state, the lies, the corruption, the prisons and the wars, and we regain our freedom. I would settle for respecting the Bill of Rights again … I know this is NOT what will happen, but it’s what I pray happens … for the sake of America and for the sake of the world.
  6. Forced Vaccinations and violent response (from a year ago prediction): … and the response: first movers dilemma … and self defense actions by communities.
  7. Evictions will be as messy: or messier, than the forced vaccinations … at least as messy. The argument “private property” holds less water on the Death Star and given the REALLY CROOKED MONEY that has supplied the real estate world.
  8. Biden dies by April: President Harris picks Hillary Clinton as VP … I don’t know really who she’ll pick … but Biden is probably already in the Schrodinger’s Cat / Weekend at Bernie’s / RBG state already …
  9. CORVID WARS begin: … (Raven General TRUG begins his campaign in Toledo)
  10. The 10th Commie Hooker Army of Banker Lives Matter: will takeover all of Seattle (this relates to the ZOO MEAT opportunities)
  11. Lori Loughlin will make a Lifetime Movie, with Jussie Smollett: Jussie starring as a transsexual hooker named Roxie Anne … PRISON TEMPTATIONS: The Lori Loughlin Story …
  12. Jussie Smolett will appear on a multi-episode OPRAH series called: “REDEMPTION: Smolett and the scars of RACISM”
  13. Pope Francis will deny the divine inspiration, of any kind, in the Bible: … he will publish a new 5000 word pamphlet, to replace the Bible, titled: “Just do what the fuck you want to …” … but as encyclicals go, it will sound so much more authoritative in Latin prose.
  14. The Vaccine Injured will be celebrated as heroes: President Harris (or DR. JILL BIDEN’S HUSBAND) at the first state of the union: “Here are 5 great folks … they’d smile … if they could.” Tom Hanks will make a movie, for Christmas 2021 … “Ring My Bell …” the story of some dude with Bell’s Palsy … Heroes of the Soviet Union, all …”… his face was frozen, but his heart was not …” Ring My Bell – COMING for CHRISTMAS 2021 … Starring: Tom Hanks … I can’t wait to see that Tom Hank’s movie about vaccine heroes next Christmas … “Ring My Bell” The story of Carl Muxton … and ordinary trans-gendered-gay-lesbian-squaw-teacher from Philly … “I can’t move my face, but that doesn’t mean my heart is stone.” (so many tears)
  15. Ray Kurzweil is NOT and will never BE IMMORTAL: … way more likely he dies in 2021, than he ever becomes immortal … not saying he will die next year, just more likely than Ray living forever.
  16. A great truth will be revealed in the first 3 months of the year: I do not know what it is. It won’t be related to football or other mundane bullshit.
  17. Jane Goodall will begin performing marriage ceremonies: … for monkeys and apes.
  18. Black Lives Matter (aka Banker Lives Matter) will get more money than all the small businesses combined: … the ones that will cease to exist. Commies get the loot, freedom gets the boot.
  19. The SEAHAWKS will win the Super Bowl: 21 to 7 … this will not be happening … 🙁
  20. The rats that live on the roof of my building will do a “James and the Giant Peach” thingy: and build a balloon system and float me and others to safety … in Faerie Land … not far from Mel’s Hole … on Broadway in Seattle.
  21. By the end of 2021 – smart devices will begin carrying people: … and checking their people constantly.
  22. Shit breaking down … falling apart … a neo-Stalinist hell hole comes back to haunt us: … they will call it terrorism or vandalism … “vandals hit the gas line in Colorado” … sure … but it will really be the creeping disintegration of a multi level fear based pyramid scheme masquerading as a free republic.
  23. COZY WINTER: not dark winter … cozy … hot fresh cinnamon rolls instead of DOOM.
  24. One World Digital Currency, by September 2021 [added 1/7/21]: This prediction would be naturally opposed to others already listed. But this would also mean that only ONE crypto would be allowed and others would be harried, attacked, criminalized.