LSR Notes: 12/28/20

  1. “Jane Goodall teaches you to talk like a monkey …” – Master’s Class …
  2. a) the ice cream cone always melts AND b) Ray Kurzweil will die before 2045.
  3. I have a Life Time Movie Network movie for you? “LORI LOUGHLIN: prison sweat …” (I can write this script in a week) (call me …) If I did the Lori Louglin movie for the adult Hallmark Movie Channel? aka Disney? YULE LOG: The Lori Loughlin Prison Story
  4. “Sorry … there were no ‘good’ Roman emperors.” – Dr. Freckles
  5. I and Thou, Martin Buber … use of “me” or “I” in the context of my personal relationship with God. “Do not forsake me …” … I … think please.
  6. Dr. Grunkis just uses Chinese tooth wedges … You pound them into the tooth, and insert a firecracker in the end … force from the cracker splits your tooth for easy removal … like removing stumps …
  7. What do they say? 1. micro plastics are everywhere from plastic shit. AND 2. your plastic shit will never breakdown. (one of these things is not like the other) (one of these things doesn’t belong)
  8. The McRibb Sandwich is back … (this means the Haglamite Witch Wars have begun)
  9. take my ashes and dump them in the Duwamish
  10. These are things I HAVE A RIGHT TO! : 1. Free RENT! 2. FOOD! 3. WATER! 4. POOP PIPES (plumbing) 5. WEED 6. BEER 7. Cocaine 8. Hookers These are the 8 basic rights enumerated by Eleanor Roosevelt at Rome, in 1947 … (fuck …) (me deserves the hookers and cocaine per rights) … and you ask: “who will supply the hookers?” … the hooker-army-collective … of course … or … the Soviet of Women’s Busty Hookers …
  11. There is word of a 10th Hooker Army, somewhere near Ellensburg, WA – not far from “Mel’s Hole” (that gay bar) … and if it arrives? and if the first wave breaks through the great wall? and if we run out of lubricants and essential oils of O’lay? We be DOOMED! We feed on raccoon.
  12. I want to bring Lee Marvin and James Coburn back to life, and have them STAR IN … wait for it: MAXIMUM FULL AUTO OVER DYNAMITE! (the story of two elderly gay men, just brought back to life)