LSR Notes: 12/27/20

  1. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire
  2. “What if Homer were a comedian, and we just never really ‘got’ his stand-up routine?” – Dr. Freckles
  3. I know the delicacies of the streets … the “Oil of O’Lay” as it were …
  4. This Bon Jovi song will play … (as you board the trains)
  5. In a democracy (if you think democracies can work?) – anonymous voting is a FLAW … a bug … (not a feature) Votes that are anonymous are votes that can be stolen.
  6. “King David was courageous, and we need to be right now as Christians … King David may ALSO have been a friend-murdering-slut as well … but he was very brave for God … that makes up for a lot.” – Dr. Freckles
  7. “WHY DO I HATE GOVERNMENT? – because the universe is complex enough … why add more complexity?” – Dr. Freckles
  8. “There is no such thing as leftover cocaine.” – Dr. Freckles
  9. Prediction: by the end of 2021 … there will have been 8 Haglamite Witch Wars … most of these battles will occur in Texas and Little Saigon, Seattle … most of the witches will be dressed scantily … most of their weapons will be shaped like penises, and it will be horrible.
  10. According to the ancient writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the 14th Invasion Fleet of Queen Olestra, representing 4th Corps Lesbian Armed forces, will invade the eastern provinces of the wretched kingdom (East Coast USA), and lay siege to the BBQ joints, Xenu dumps bodies in volcanoes. You think you’re safe in your castles? That’s what the Drungulite Hordes thought, before the great “unheaving” of 2211 BC. At the Battle of Gumptous, General Bustilla used her busty lasers to undo the codpieces of opposing all male sweaty hair chested armies, with sexy results. Will we have allies? – perhaps … Nexta, the White Witch of Wenatchee (WA)? She leads to the Froh-Clog Sect of Baroolian Eagle Worshipers … they might help … if they’re not too busy bathing in oils … and massaging their large melons and fruitful valleys … but yeah … maybe … if we buy them crack.
  11. A great “Zoo Arbitrage” is coming … the great “Zoo Meat Arbitrage” of 2021 …
  12. I should buy AT LEAST $100 in scratchers … and then pay some rent … and then buy food, beer, weed … and the Oil of O’Lay … I should clean up my body juices … go for a walk and scrape the grizzle-gluss off the sidewalks of my fractured soul, and dig deep for more oils.
  13. “passover” : That word has stuck in my head since last July … (I still don’t know why)
  14. “… additional and developing: CDC believes that there is a new mutation of COVID-19 that causes people in RVs to explode … more from Barb … Barb?” … “Yes Clif, the covid will blow your mind … like I blew you last night Clif … get it” … “I do, I really do, weather next.”
  15. If the “Clathrate Gun” is going off? – it matches shit in Isaiah 24 … The next question: what will be the next equilibrium state? 1. Hot house earth: think Yoda planet, but not the end of things .. 2. Venus Syndrome: fucked 3. Rapid Evaporation Cooling Event: snowball Earth. It seems like Superman 1 Lex Luther bullshit, but if we enter “Hot House Earth”, there is an opportunity to buy property where the new coastlines will be … The Midwest might become an inland sea. Florida, as stated, is toast. The Great Lakes might form part of the new sea. Venus Syndrome is too depressing (and unlikely) to talk about. Rapid Evaporation Cooling Event or RECE? This has occurred to me in recent weeks BECAUSE of all the #geoengineering that’s been ongoing and has artificially reduced water vapor pressure – below where it should be. A rapid evaporation/cooling event would start out as the biggest and nastiest and windiest rain storm in history – possibly lasting weeks. This would very quickly become the biggest global snow storm in history. In a few months the Earth is in a worldwide ice age. but what if the oceans lost 15-20% of their volume, to water vapor, in a few weeks? sounds insane, but the oceans have been the heat-sink for decades, and geoengineering has constrained earth-space heat exchange. I doubt we’ll see a linear, slow, stepwise release of energy. But here’s the thing: we’re lied to a lot. Like the NWS saying, a few weeks ago, they could no longer publish data … I know enough about the WWW, webservices, scientific data, and gaming/porno to know this is bullshit … but still, why the bullshit story?
  16. I received a message from “Q” last night … this is what he said: “All the scorned souls of sector 76 are being moved to death zone 8. General Wir of the Egyptian Tank Forces will move his second rook to checkmate the final solution to your hole in one action for cocaine.”
  17. Big managed troll accounts twitter “Angry Okinawan” or “Jessi the Punk anarchist that loves the vaccine”? – they have little trolls. I usually encounter these in the following 12-24 hours.
  18. FDR: “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Biden: “Our darkest days are ahead of us. (can you see the difference)