LSR Notes: 12/26/20

  1. What if they’d made a movie that was a fusion of “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose” … “Dirty Foot Dancing” …
  2. I sort of attacked two of my twenty something nieces for not doing the whole “we’ll hold a dance outside of town” thingy … KEVIN BACON?!?
  3. “On the other side of the fence? – the grass is always meaner …” – Dr. Freckles
  4. Why are people so surprised by the incompetence in IT/tech? (there’s a lot of it in a crooked neo-Stalinist death-star hell hole)
  5. From last summer: fewer gunshots that I can hear, or machine gun fire … a lot more ambulances … (and no: it’s not the “covid”) (probably: strokes, untreated cancer, suicides, complications due to illnesses that [under normal circumstances] would threaten NO ONE)
  6. Don’t you love the “polar bear” rhetoric of the right and left when it comes to ecology? Me: I just care about the orca whales that are dying, leaving, not having kids … the salmon runs that are failing. SHIT I CAN SEE WITH MY OWN FUCKING EYES! A YEAR OF VENUS WEATHER!
  7. You know what I’ve NOT seen a lot of in the last 10 years? (dried dead bugs on windshields) (snow on the Olympics or Cascades during the summer) Summers? – they were ice cream cones YEAR ROUND. (primary fucking truth) (you could see, unobstructed, the cascades AND Olympics)
  8. the tidewaters of the Puget Sound? – gardens … growing up. Now they are mostly slimy, black, with whatever seaweed or slime can still live in a dying sea. The crooked critters thrive, lamprey rats for everyone next Christmas.
  9. The Bible: the story of shitty things people do … but there’s hope. We can learn.
  10. “There’s a reason they say ‘we have 100 years’ … because we DON’T!” – Dr. Freckles
  11. When I was a kid: “Social Security will be fine … for a 100 years …” (no)
  12. We live in a time when people would rather believe a “smart device”, than their own fucking eyes and ears and brain. (meditate on that wretched shit)
  13. “Did the disciples wear crosses?” – Dr. Freckles
  14. “Rock breaks, but the stone endures … this is why Peter could fail and still succeed.” – Dr. Freckles
  15. “Theory: no JEDI … no DEATH STARS!” – Dr. Freckles
  16. (a conversation from the camps in 2025 …) “Dude … there’s this secret group …” “Yeah …” “They’re the good guys, and they are SO REALLY CLOSE to getting the bad guys …” “Fuck yeah …” “We just have to be more patient … that’s what Q is saying …”
  17. “Q” … will tell a lot of folks to “get on the trains” … (a lot of people will) (just like Russians who still hang pictures of Stalin)
  18. Isaiah 24: