LSR Notes: 12/23/20

  1. new Covid-19 narrative stream alert: if you drive by the hospital, and it looks like nothing is going on? – you’re wrong … your ability to perceive reality is broken. (this is not going to end well)
  2. … and there’s all this talk of battles between the ancient lesbian tribes of Yorbos? And word is the Queen of H’ruo will lead an august assembly of wastrels minx hookers toward the eastern wall of the city? And all you say is “we cannot have more of this poop-jergin …”
  3. for dish washing I use the whore juices of Ballard, Seattle …
  4. “Compassion can fuck up. Communism just kills people.” – Dr. Freckles
  5. if someone texts you “YOU called?” … they meant to say: “You called … my heart was aching … you called … my feet were quaking … you called, and I thought we were done … no more fun … but you called, and that means the embers glow, in the whale paste of forgotten drunken sprees and bottle rocket glee.”
  6. Here’s a crazy question: does anyone really have a RIGHT or a DESIRE for roads? (seems like a road is the physical manifestation of VOLUNTARY agreements and free movement) game trails: no government … just commonsense among animals. “but who will build the roads?”
  7. I love how astronauts on the old school Twilight Zone episodes would carry sub machine guns … You don’t want to be an astronaut in the Twilight Zone … Whether it’s old school Twilight Zone or old school Outer Limits … being an astronaut with either of those 1960’s franchises was a piss poor career move … sand sharks … alien zoos … friggin being frozen or other terrible fucking horrid dystopian space bullshit … fuck. Twilight Zone had good writers but REALLY SHITTY science advisors … “We’re in a new solar system … 11 million miles from Earth …” Bro … I think you meant 11 light years … or something closer to THAT YOU IGNORANT FUCK … 11 million doesn’t even get your ass to Mars. another thing … fucking astronauts in Twilight Zone and Outer Limits would land on fucking asteroids and they invariably looked like Nevada and had breathable air …
  8. I really need that drug Michael Jackson was on before he died … or the one that killed him? … yeah … the one that only anesthesiologists get access to … yeah … the one that stops your cells from moving …
  9. A “Christian” just told me to ignore the whole Old Testament. He also said that judgment is not reserved for God. That twitter douche said a LOT of crooked shit.