LSR Notes: 12/22/20

  1. Weird knocking/drilling on the roof of my building last night … not rats … sounded like tool users. Crunket-gangs, gronkis-lords, formulin-freaks and the nasty residue of this heartless hooker city of Seattle. Might have been those new genital crabs BLM freaks are spreading … mutant genital crabs, specially bred for Banker Lives Matter (formerly: Black Lives Matter).
  2. BTW: the more I read the Bible … the more I realize how much of it Nietzsche ripped off … (great artists steal)
  3. “Nature: the closest we come to Eden, if we respect it.” – Dr. Freckles
  4. “Every life should end in a gunfight.” – Dr. Freckles
  5. Christmas is coming, Dan is getting fat … Please put a kitten, in the cooking vat … If that vat is too cold, add a log or two … If the vat is lukewarm, on your insides? – the parasites will chew … Fuck it … (this is the best CHRISTMAS SPIRIT I can muster today)
  6. What am I making for dinner? Skroglon-lorg … with a swingus of mincus sauce … You mix the remnants of your shattered life into a large pot, you add salt and remorse and promises broken and enemies unforgiven … tangled it goes down your throat and converts to a putrid gas.
  7. “There are at least 5 different ways to love a woman.” – Dr. Freckles
  8. I had a dream last night … I dreamt that I was sitting, as I am now, and a plane began crashing … I live on a N-S flight path for SEATAC and JBLM … And after the crash? – guns spilled from the open aircraft, and all the scrumbly folk grabbed them, and began shooting. there is so much tension right now … so much negative energy … I think if you just started handing out loaded guns to people in Seattle? – they would spontaneously break into melee sprees – perhaps not all, at first … but enough people.