LSR Notes: 12/21/20

  1. Destroy the vaccines. Destroy the vehicles transporting the vaccines. Destroy the labs/factories where they are made. If we were still people who had courage? – we’d do this.
  2. Shitty SyFy movie USUALLY means shitty TV series … Buffy the Vampire Slayer might be an exception … SG1 / SG Atlantis shit confuses me … but Nightflyers? – fuck if that wasn’t drek … and this is worse drek, so far.
  3. Inserting contradictions … a method under the category of gas-lighting … managing rate of contradiction propagation. This tool, over time, breaks down critical reasoning. They say: “cheeseburger methane matters” But they don’t talk about the massive releases of methane, ongoing, in the arctic, that dwarfs any number of cheeseburgers. They say that CH4 doesn’t matter … that’s weird. So should we be worried about methane? They tell you, and create mythologies around, “too many people” murder schemes – and then they give Norman Borlaug the Nobel Prize … “They want all of us dead …” – maybe. But what I’m certain of, given the Norman Borlaug-Club of Rome paradox? – they want us all deeply confused.
  4. I’m behind on podcasts for this week. I haven’t done a service. I have been distraught, but why? – I only have me to worry about, only me to die, only me to be concerned about. I just don’t see it that clearly – the “struggling onward” … towards what? Gas-lighting and death?
  5. Every science fiction series is now half British … and all the landscapes are Canada.
  6. “I don’t get you Dan …” Not your fucking job. You don’t understand me? – that’s you’re fucking loss.
  7. Nightflyers was a TERRIBLE SyFy film from the 80’s … Did they have to dredge up this drek to create a PC morality play showcasing lesbian sex?
  8. when are we getting our $600 for cocaine?
  9. I’ve come to realize, though it’s often an accident of history, that some “scary truths” are impossible for people to believe. Because it’s “impossible”, their mind rejects anything, any fact, any observation, that does not align. And they say things like: I believe in science.
  10. Very few people, maybe only 20% of America, would be able to cope with the idea that our government planned/executed the 9/11 attacks … but that is what happened. It’s scary, for some people, to contemplate the government harming them … despite the millennia of evidence.
  11. “If someone says ‘I believe in science’, it merely proves that they know nothing about science.” – Dr. Freckles
  12. For thousands of years, governments have been harming people. And, for thousands of years? – people have made excuses, blamed themselves, pretended it would get better. And you wonder, what does abuse look like? (a $600 check to go buy enough heroin to kill yourself)
  13. … by 2026? – it will be “let them eat grake …” Grake? – a food composed of sand and diesel fuel and broken glass and metal shavings … and love. Grake will be on sale in every CHEVRON, for $233.44 … cheap really. You need something different for your family tonight? … some GRAKE will make the house a home.
  14. I’ve never had cocaine or heroin … seems like something I need to get done … $600 will give me a TASTE of that HOOKER AND COCAINE good life … a life for fast women and fast boats … and laxatives and poop’y pants (from what I hear) … and danger … they’ll call me Ned.
  15. I can feel the walls closing in … and I live in a pod … so they weren’t that far apart to begin with.
  16. “The heart is a hand grenade.” – Dr. Freckles