LSR Notes: 12/20/20

  1. song from the CDC/FDA, coming soon: “Please put the poison in your kids, and if they die? – we’re calling it SIDS …”
  2. Late 70’s and early 80’s NEW WAVE band/group structure was all about having some geek’y looking dude playing the YAMAHA keyboards … or Roland …
  3. I have lots of questions … one critical one that every WA state person understands??? WHY HAVEN’T WE DESTROYED ENUMCLAW? (it was foretold) Do you know anyone from Enumclaw?
  4. I was born with furrows on my brow … want to know why? Because the INSTANT I POPPED OUT … I LOOKED AROUND AND SCREAMED (in baby voice): “WHAT THE FUCK?!?”
  5. Slavery, and service to Pharaoh, was not the “test” for the Israelites … the desert was.
  6. the new disease will be called Rogular-2998 … It will infect your insides, and cause pain of the flimpf and the cronglar region of the inner mincus membrane where blood is removed from the body and replaced with asbestos … and you won’t feel good about any of this … pain.
  7. the key treatment to covid? – rong-goo … Make rong-goo out of rusted metal and roadkill and old used motor oil … and you shove it down your bunctus pipe … and you take a large wooden stake and shove it through your brain … and my mind is left adrift in the float’y place.
  8. I am making mungis-stew … it is a meal you make when you are certain you are nearly done.
  9. The “Christmas Star”, so called, is really the great omen of Scroton. It is a reminder of the remedial pay-trape from that job you had in 1995 doing telemarketing to old people who can’t use that fucking scooter you’re trying to sell them while snorting coke off that hooker …
  10. There will be 8 Haglamite Witch Wars before the unfolding. Each of the witch queens will be-qweef to their under lords the female power scepter that has attachments for when you’re visiting in-laws and don’t want to make a lot of noise. But then there’s the “rabbit stew”, right?
  11. I was a traglabite-warrior, in the time of Roos … I stood next to General Vram, as he set fire to the land of Z’an, and ravaged the busty nuns who would guard their ancient vats of oils … and it was difficult. But not as difficult as watching my cat be eaten by coyotes.