LSR Notes: 12/19/20

  1. Sometimes I feel like I’m on death row … but I’ve never been on death row … so how would I know?
  2. Why can’t we just call the “space force” the “star force” … and then we can re-float the Yamato and equip it to battle the Gamilons … ???
  3. Probably the dumbest thing you can do to a person that is treading water, existentially? – tell them it’s their attitude. That’s also gas lighting. You don’t have to coddle, you don’t have to agree … but FUCKING HELL … if someone is sad right now? – HAVE A FUCKING CLUE. If you aren’t a little sad this Christmas, how much PROZAC are you on? I have a good friend who has a pretty good attitude, for the times … I’M GLAD HE DOES. He’s also a good friend because he’s ok that I DO NOT. “But Dan, I read this article yesterday that said there have never been MORE humans eating protein cubes … from the CATO Institute …” Love it when some douche says “media and sources can’t be trusted”, then they quote the CATO Institute (RAND CORP LITE) … I find this funny.
  4. Dr. Freckles is 100% callouses and remodeling of the existentially busted bones … his features are the callous of the ages … his face a gravestone … his voice the wind that calls from the alley, near the rat gardens and raccoon castles … near the ant hill in my brain.
  5. I was born to the last STRUMBIC LORD, in the time of whale paste and whiskey baptisms … I rode a giant raven, I fed upon the carcasses of stale dreams and old moldy french fries left under the seat of that DATSUN pickup out back … the one you used to bury the bodies …
  6. When the gad-freaks came … did you hide? When you were lost on the River of H’lek, did the witch-weasels make you their princess? And if you could exchange rubies for twice warmed donkey cheese, would you keep the rubies? If you were really hungry and liked donkey cheese?
  7. I have, for many years now, treated “space movies” as Lord of the Rings style bullshit … Fantasy … (pure fucking fantasy)
  8. “Destroyed the Jedi are? – free the galaxy will be …” – Yoda … The Jedi are basically “Karen” …
  9. How WHACKED would it be if Trump pardoned Charles Manson, AFTER bringing him back to life using advanced super robot technology and lots of cocaine?
  10. Space Crabs …