LSR Notes: 12/18/20

  1. “Abolish bullies! – own a gun.” – Dr. Freckles
  2. First rule of gas lighting: if you don’t think you live in Heaven, you are a loser.
  3. Secular life is a 3 legged stool … The strongest leg? – “progress” (once you see through that “hamburger is steak” nonsense? – it’s hard to be gaslit after that) (it’s hard to believe the secular bullshit) members of cults and pyramid schemes (same thing)? They LOVE to tell you “you’re a loser” if you can’t get their system to work. When boomers say “look at your tasty protein cubes”, they’re really gas lighting themselves … mostly. normie-progress-whores will lash out, as things get worse. “Why couldn’t you have faith in the Bird Man? Tangata Manu …” It will be YOUR FAULT their god failed … “progress”.
  4. As campaign slogans go, “Black Lives Matter” ranks up there with “Eat Food” or “Don’t Stop Breathing”.
  5. “Pence gets vaccine …”, sigh … So much theater right now, so little truth.
  6. 2025: Microsoft, Boeing, HiPoint Firearms and Go Daddy decide to form a joint venture to make a really comfortable chair for sitting on. 2066: … if you can hear this, there are 5 people left on Earth.
  7. “The government will apologize to you, decades after you are dead.” – Dr. Freckles
  8. “I’m really sorry about killing all those people I killed.” – Government
  9. Want to know WHY episode 14 of Season 2 “Community” was removed from NETFLIX? (not the black facing, that’s smokescreen bullshit) (it does deal, explicitly and honestly, with suicide)
  10. Kentucky Fried Tiger …