LSR Notes: 12/17/20

  1. Another thing @Godaddyhelp … Telling a customer they’ve been hacked, without proper investigation or evidence? – that causes problems … That can cause over-reactions. More likely? – you want me to buy your special “security package” … (this is what protection rackets do)
  2. Masks don’t work? (duh)
  3. “Sometimes I think humans are the genital crabs, and the Earth is the hairy testicle.” – Dr. Freckles
  4. “Everyone dies in the body, dying in the spirit is where the choices lay.” – Dr. Freckles
  5. I think I have a PTSD reaction to the word pandemic.
  6. “The greatest skill to have? – to be able to release your anger, without hurting others, or yourself.” – Dr. Freckles
  7. Bioweapon baffles (masks): a) energize particles/droplets, b) increase aerosol behavior, reducing size of droplets – smaller is better, for bioweapons, c) this means the bioweapon stays in the air column longer … (that’s what masks do) Why do I even mention the concept of turbulence to folks who’ve been starving their brains of oxygen?
  8. You’ve heard of “faster than light” travel … but have you heard of “faster than space” travel? … can you imagine moving so fast, that you outrun the world-program for rendering?… it’s like popping a grenade in an early version of HALO and blowing yourself out of the world space.
  9. D.F.G.T.C. has officially invented “faster than space” travel. (feel free to send us your gold now)
  10. I think a lot of people will still be oblivious to this shit MONTHS after Woodland Park Zoo is selling tiger meat to Kentucky Fried Chicken …
  11. I made h’onkin-grug-stew for dinner. It’s made from some canned thing you buy at CHEVRON, mixed with yesterday’s failed relationships and tomorrows morose outlook, add to this metal shavings and nitric acid and asbestos … cook for a million years … eat, grimly, in the dark.
  12. I think they would have called it “Cozy Winter” and not “Dark Winter” if it was going to be nice … But wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, if the “big conspiratorial project” were something cozy? Like, in February, everyone gets cinnamon rolls delivered .. fresh … to their door, each morning …. COZY WINTER … the plan revealed. Why can’t we have that FOR ONCE?