LSR Notes: 12/16/20

  1. The problem with overly simplified and technically impossible thought experiments: Did you play Dungeons and Dragons? Did you like Dungeon Masters that created impossible situations OR difficult but plausible situations? Thought Experiments (Gedanken) == Dungeons and Dragons fify
  3. The “Trolley Problem” revisited: Since you wish to constrain me in a NOT EVEN REMOTELY REAL scenario, I will toss a quarter onto the track, force the trolley to jump the track hitting a pile of unloaded cotton … safely … only a few scratches. THERE’S YOUR FUCKING TROLLEY. Why do the “trolley problem” … why not just put a baby in a building with a bomb … or … have a kitten dangling from a basket, with a candle slowly burning the rope holding the kitten up … I can create creepy low to no choice scenarios as well … good thing I’m not God. Simply put: the “Trolley Problem” is a really stupid gedanken. People love to rewrite history, making it seem like “they had no choice” … THE MOST IMPACTFUL USE of the trolley-problem is in retrospectively justifying shit we DID NOT have to do … via delusion. Here is what happens when the “trolley problem” hits the real world: SORRY, TROLLEY NOT WORKING TODAY! … let’s talk about the SIX DAY WAR … and the IDF sneak attack … The “trolley problem” ethical dilemmas simplified: please, kind sir, tell me WHO you are going to fucking kill?
  4. Thought experiments, like the family of “impossible to avoid murdering someone” trolley-problems … these thought experiments are really a form of ethical rhetoric … aka: sophistry.
  5. If you find “trolley problem” type reasoning interesting? – then you likely suffer from autism AND you are a functional atheist.
  6. the only thing about ANY public works project or government program that is certain, including “trolleys”? – is eventual failure … that is guaranteed. No trolley is reliable enough for “playing God” scenarios.
  7. “Flattery is the best lubricant.” – Dr. Freckles
  8. You know how you ultimately discern low vs high stakes in a conversation? – the face … without facial expression (or on twitter or facebook or WWW generally this is the case) there is no easy way to determine the “stakes” for the person involved. This is a problem … conflict is assured.
  9. To my mind: the “Trump/Russia Coup” narrative is about making the actual explicit power grab, that is ongoing, look ok … ethical smoke screen … Or – an example of how stupid trolley problems melt your fucking brain.
  10. God sees my thoughts … God: “What the fuck?!?” Dan: “Um … you’re not supposed to just …” God: “WHAT THE FUCK?” Dan: “YOU MADE MY BRAIN!” God: “WHAT THE FUCKETY FUCK?” (this is what I imagine God thinking, sometimes, when he sees inside my mind)
  11. “Does the sequence sound good? – then it’s music. And if it sounds horrible? – it still might be music, to someone else.” – Dr. Freckles
  12. Do you ever feel like you’re trapped between “I could be” and “I won’t be”?
  13. I saw Dr. Grunkis today … He usually sees patients at midnight, on Thursdays, in that alley off of Jackson … but he saw me nonetheless. He said my “glymph is purple’ish” and my mind was corrupted by toilet paper memories … He said I had to stop living the life of Grinda.
  14. “We are all traveling through space.” – Dr. Freckles
  15. For some random dude: Don’t go out into the night without a shiv … don’t walk calmly into the womb of darkness without something point’y that you can shove into some mother fucker who wants to murder you and dump your body in the Duwamish River … don’t go out, sans knife.
  16. Some crombo-freak on the internet was talking about people being programmed … all of us … no matter what … if so ??? I was programmed to hunt the slorker-beasts of sector 17 … I was programmed by the Breable-Witches of Kelso, to think thoughts backwards and mixed up … I was programmed to drink whiskey and hunt cougars … but is “cougar” a euphemism? I was programmed to crash, hard, long
  17. The whole STAR WARS franchise: the longest, shittiest version of Hamlet …. ever. The best movie version of Hamlet? … STRANGE BREW …
  18. a security guard at a “Dollar Store” … (that tells you the times) … a security guard … AT A FUCKING DOLLAR STORE …
  19. “A love triangle is bad, a love trapezoid is worse.” – Dr. Freckles
  20. “GoDaddy and Hi-Point Firearms are joining forces, with Boeing … to build a safe chair …” (I would not buy that chair) (I would not accept it as a gift) (EOD should be called, if you see that chair)
  21. Strange Pandemic: