Where are You, Lord?

Lord in Heaven,

We struggle with faith during times like these. These are times that test the spirit and Your grace is what saves.

Jesus, how many prayers seem unanswered? You hear us, but do we hear You?

If we demand from You a sign, where is our dedication?

If we accuse You of our crimes, why do we do this while denying Your divinity and existence in the same breath?

Where are You?

We look all around, under the sea, beyond the stars, and we cannot reckon or know … where … where You are.

Jesus, knowing You are always with us is a test of faith – and we will keep this faith. You left us the Holy Spirit, and we can and must connect with Your spirit.

We pray to You, and we do so in faith.

We honor our commitment to You, and we seek to bring your peace to our communities, families, lives.

And if we ask WHERE You are? – we must ask ourselves “where are we in our journey with Christ?”

In Your name, Jesus Christ, we serve.