LSR Notes: 12/14/20

  1. Recipe for a “good morning”: a) Take last night’s regret, and place it in a pot. b) Add to the pot diesel, and broken glass, and asbestos, and sawdust, and the ancient pain of the Earth. c) Boil under the heat of a thousand suns. d) Allow to cool to lukewarm temps. e) eat alone. This is the key to a good morning.
  2. A poem I will read … and then discuss:
  3. Conglimek-forces are moving on our holdfast. GINTUR-priests form the alliance and brew their gimbus blimpf for the fete … “Gentile king, ARE WE NOT READY TO DINE ON THE HEARTS OF FEAR?” – cried Col Horg … But the King stared bleakly into space, awaiting the time of BOJIMBOO.