LSR Notes: 12/13/20

  1. the washer machine connects us to the GROM … GROM is all. What is GROM? – first climbic lord of the Blum-Bum gang … the last of the vampire grifters from sector 8, the herald and harbinger of Slagus-Noir, the busty queen of Bustybia … … when the sauces flow south, does not the bird sing? Are there no waters between here and Jupiter? Can you understand the vengeance torn nature of a crombo-freak trying to find some rat or raccoon or squirrel to eat? These are the fruits of GROM, first demi-lord to JOOB. Skleen-Hagen Priests have surrounded our bases in region Hotel-44-Alpha … the lusty whores of Death-Zone-39 are currently attacking our bases in the Yutan-District. Klumbick-sweat-lords are nearing our gates, and TRAYGON the BROKEN is suckling at the tit of wishful thinking.
  2. I look back upon the years since 9/11, and all I see is a Fibonacci series describing the increasing scale of psychological flying-monkey-trauma-drama? And what am I left with? After the last year? – I am left with the idea that TPTB are hiding something … and it’s is WAY WORSE than the GFC (2008-09) … we’ll find out soon. Could be Klaus Schwab’s NWO/Great Reset bullshit …. or … that bullshit could be another trauma-monkey. We shall see.
  3. Shia has SPACE CRABS:
  4. I created a crappy PARLER account, and that experience drove me back to the GHETTO NAMED TWITTER to live with the swumbliaks. My twitter handle: @GlobalTontine … my Parler handle: @DFGTC
  5. Twitter is bullshit … but … it’s bullshit that connects me to people that MIGHT BE REAL and I care about. I hope they are real. I hope this isn’t all just one big mind fuck. Cognitive nihilism: because THEY always lie to you, therefore everything is a lie. I don’t want that. I am only seeing blue check marks in my “quick dropdown context menus” … even YOUR NAME, which showed up earlier, does NOT show up … this is lame TWITTER. (you can see how I am shadow band ALMOST ON arrival)
  6. A lot of people hate this MERRY DYSTOPIA SONG … I for one think it fits both the PAIN of this reality, and the sentimental bullshit quotient for remembering times past and understanding our connection to the demon king Slorak who lives beyond ZOOROO …
  7. “Social Contract” acceptance? (this happens in the womb) (if only you could pay some kook to help you remember that shit) I say, “if you can’t beat them, join them???” Nah … I say FUCK THAT … IF you can’t beat them, destroy them … This is what D.F.G.T.C. was always about man … (and arming gorillas … notice the spelling) DFGTC.ORG : Because some mother fucker cares.
  8. The very best taco I ever had? – after a hunt for wild stargo-panthers on the Island of Horatio … in the Sea of Blimpf … not far from the Frungas realm, where whore armies of kelic mugs feed upon the gronto and the scrikt … all of which tastes like kelp pudding, powerful.
  9. This brings me back to my early years … poignant. MERRY FUCKING DYSTOPIA FUCKERS! “Deck the halls with assholes and dickheads …”
  10. My parler:
  11. My DFGTC twitter:
  12. When this song came out? When I was a kid? I think was still hazy on “George Michael” being gay.
  13. I have to type down to almost the last character on any twitter handle … (that’s one of the immediate twitter hells I’m in)
  14. This is total Faux McCartney shit … (the real one, the one they killed?) (he would NEVER make sentimental tripe like this … at least he wouldn’t do such a crappy job)
  15. What do I want for Christmas? … I want to grow 100 feet tall … I want my arms to be auto cannon rail guns shooting titanium plasmas at 10 miles per second … laser beam eyes … I want to be able hunt and stalk Bill Gates, with this song playing:
  16. With every tweet and post and video and podcast … with every phone call … the doppelganger version of me “in the cloud” gets stronger … and I get weaker. My grip on this realm is contingent on my ownership of 5 special shot glasses … each filled with magical whiskey.
  17. “Every time a commie gets its ‘bell’ rung, an angel gets its wings.” – Dr. Freckles
  18. CROM has told me, through his minion XINDER: “Dan, in order for the human race of crumbly freaks to rise past their swamp monkey status, you must learn the SECOND riddle of STEEL … STEEL MAGNOLIAS …” … that’s what XINDER said … CROM said … but Steel Magnolias CROM?
  19. It’s DOCTOR FRECKLES mister! I didn’t attend that university on that island that got swallowed by the sea for 12 years to be MR FRECKLES … Dr. JILL Biden? Fuck that … doctorate in education … what the fuck? Every stupid quote from Jill Biden, will be DOCTOR JILL BIDEN and the name of the University she earned her doctorate … 1. stupid shit Jill says … 2. give credit to the institution ….
  20. “I think it’s downright dangerous. And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom. And it’s so, so unnecessary.” – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi … more:
  21. Curfews … to fight the “virus”. it is well known that the virus hangs out at sleazy bars … wearing hooker style clothing … but maybe … maybe this forces people into narrower time frames of accessing services … which means this bottlenecks systems AND increases the likelihood of spreading it … if it existed …
  22. Call me “Indian Flick McGhee” … I’ll take you on a ride to see Mt. Carmel … I’ll take you to Beady’s off of 3rd Street … the place where KROGOR-NOORK negotiated with the Cylons to end the U.S. Civil War in 1945 … the treaty was signed on the Space Battleship Yamato …
  23. I feel like writing a fictional series titled: “I got the crabs from Shia LaBeouf …” … If you get really lonely? – you can get crabs … the “crabs of loneliness”. That will be the title of Chapter 1: The Crabs of Loneliness … crabs of a lonely man …
  24. Dogs for sniffing armpits … to detect covid …