LSR Notes: 12/12/20

6:11 PM

Just got back from shopping at QFC … (think Kroger or Safeway) … Food prices were cheaper, substantially … for perishable items … non-alcoholic. For long-term storable? – I think the price drop in perishables kept this stable. Long term storable items (like dried pasta) were about the same price … hmmm ….

But I wonder how long the $1.59 a dozen eggs will last at QFC on Rainier AVE (Seattle)?


4:05 PM


11:57 AM

First came the schemo-actors and FEDs and bicycle cops (pretending to be BLM) … this is all funded by Bank of America (which means the Federal Reserve) … SO AUTHENTIC this communism is … 7/3/20

Next came setting fire to the porta potty and the Katrina trailer – though there were much more wheel chair accessible trailers up the street near Seattle University (that’s if this shit were legit or real … 7/25/20

Now that BLM (Black Lives Matter or Banker Lives Matter) has been successful in speeding up the prison for kids AND tearing down the homeless shelter? What comes next fuckers?

But at least the homeless are going away … some place … good to not ask WHERE …


8:40 AM

Vitamin Soup Song: we all gotta have vitamin soup, we’ll feel better with vitamin soup … it’s specialized blek, it’s made of kleck, your mind gets fried cuz it’s Hobo Chistmas in Hawaii …

Make sure you eat your vitamin soup …


7:38 AM

Optimism – Pessimism

Idealism – Realism

Here is the real deal …

Most “realists” tend to be optimists.

Most “idealists” tend to be pessimists.