LSR Notes: 12/10/20

11:07 PM


8:03 PM

A “read between the lines” article, to reflect on …

(this is where YOU get to practice your sovietology skills …)


7:23 PM


6:40 PM had a face lift AND kicked my account off … I was going to create another one and I saw THIS … the various account types … and other associated bullshit.

$25/month ??? Eh Tyler?

(are you fucking stupid?)


3:53 PM

Something I created after a road trip in 2017 … when I saw these “mule deer bridges”, they looked like strong points being erected on the highways … but why would they do that?


2:26 PM

“If we do a really great job on vaccines and reproductive health, we can reduce the population by 10-15% …” – Bill Gates


12:45 PM

A friend of mine sent me this … he was “tested” recently … now his iPhone can spy on him all day … great iPhone.