LSR Notes: 12/9/20

7:44 PM

If the worldwide Ocean heat sink is currently overloaded AND the arctic methane release is ongoing? – then it would seem the geoengineering might go extreme … at the end … and the levels of spraying reaching immediate toxic levels to trigger allergic shock and death.

Lung damage and other effects from so much poison in the air? – this would seem like the “covid” …


7:11 PM

Great news on the fake meat front …


11:11 AM

My feels about right now …


11:01 AM

Lee MARVIN vs James Coburn … ???


9:28 AM

The tearing down of the homeless shelter next door has disturbed the “rat garden” …

Now the rats are crawling up the walls of my building, and I think they are living on the roof.


9:13 AM

I used to love to read the back pages of the STRANGER for the personals …

ZFG seeking HUJT willing to do WWWEGH23 …


8:26 AM

Christmas song list … still working on it …


6:21 AM

A friend of mine sent me this yesterday: “contrails” (as the YOUTUBE educational bubble would tell you) …

Totally NOT geoengineering.