LSR Notes: 12/6/20

6:50 PM


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9:02 AM

This is some important insider info relating to COVID-19.

… however …

Even with THIS GUY the Overton Window has shifted to “there WAS a Pandemic, but now it’s over …”

2020 was not a PANDEMIC …

(it was a snuff flick)



8:47 AM

The “Protein Wars” are coming …

  1. Beefaroo Cowboys …
  2. Clindick Rags …
  3. Pork Orks
  4. Soup Kats
  5. Chicken Freaks
  6. Long Pig Poi Posse
  7. Gronkis Lords

It all kicks off soon …

They will make alliances, and the “Pork Orcs” and “Long Pig Poi Posse” would be the first. These crew would grow synergistically … exchanging the dead as payment to the pig, and the pig as harvest. Many ex-cops will be involved in this …

Beefaroo Cowboys will try to grow synthetic beef at the Grow-Cor Gene Labs in Ballard …

Soup Kats? – fuck …

Chicken freaks? – damn …

And the Gronkis Lords rule, and all is well in Little Saigon.

Here are the stages leading to the protein wars:

  1. Food Bank
  2. Garbage Dump
  3. Residue Market
  4. Rats, Roaches, Crows, Pigeons and Pho
  5. Human Hunt begins …

And the protein wars begin …


8:23 AM

Hedge your bets towards ARTIMAX. Remember the dual pricing premise of Toll. The impossible chemistry of this new world will be the unleashing of fecal friendship and poop parties.

Take that silly putty life and shape it up!

Make yourself known to the plebiscite …

But don’t back down before Emperor Gomez, and remember what Old Grandpa Joe said:

“… we’ll build back better … we’ll use VELVEETA …”

Carter Renquist had been a CIA field agent for 35 years. He was responsible for Iran and Iraq and other places filled with poisoned minds and bodies …

Carter kept a list of things he did, for who … he had tapes.

The tapes get released once he dies, the people he killed will be revealed.

And then what does Grandpa Joe do?

What do?


7:20 AM

“There is no certainty during the Great Discontinuity … there are only shades of likelihood.”

– Dr. Freckles