Prayer for the builder …

Jesus Christ, You are the Master Builder.

You built this world long ago.

You built this world upon a solid foundation, the stone is hard and flexible and strong … the beams were set to last till the ending of all time.

God, this world YOU built is undeniably beautiful, and yet we humans have a way of vandalizing it, hiding and shunning it.

Lord, we seek Your wisdom to be wiser in our creation, while we dwell in YOUR creation.

We should build libraries, not prisons …

We should build ships, not chains …

We should build friendship, not vengeance …

We should build in honor of You, our Lord in Heaven – but instead we build, most often, in honor of our own vain obsessions.

Jesus – help us in our connection to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus – guide us in our work, our creation, our duties as apostles in Your name.

Let us build! – but build for the Lord’s plan and the dignified and free life of our neighbors.

Let us build! – but build a world with a future, not a world focused on a dreary and fear driven past.

Let us build! – and BUILD for living things, for families, for communities, for this beautiful world.

Let us build in honor of Jesus!

Let us build in the Holy Spirit!

Let us build!