LSR Notes: 11/24/20

11:30 PM


9:44 PM

The rehabilitation of Hunter Biden will be interesting …

He’ll have to be cleaned up a bit, less meth’d out, when he gives the funeral oration for his dead father in March or April of 2021 …

Also – Hillary will want him sober when he introduces her as “Vice President” …

Or … maybe Bill Gates and his tranny wife get that job.

But there will be a VERY entertaining soviet-style rehabilitation project for Hunter …

(so funny … on FEMA camp TV)


9:34 PM


6:56 PM

If I were Hip-Hop-Dan, in a Hip-Hop-World?

I’d be “Ginger Bread”, that would be my hip-hop-handle …

I would have fly-girls, and grimbric-cubes, and cocaine, and hookers … and all the scro-blat I could inject into my splinctus sack next to my tornado nozzle …

And all will say bo-jizzle, as my spew covers the Earth in a rancid and diseased goodness …

If I were Ginger Bread …

If I were the hip-hop-king of Little Saigon.


9:42 AM

Covid-19: the ultimate divide-and-conquer strategy …

“The only good way to live, is alone …”

(that’s how you die …)

(in spirit and body)


8:37 AM

Why couldn’t you have a tethered high altitude sky factory? – automated 3D printed guns.

You float resources, from a garbage dump, with some sorting, up the tether … using hydrogen …

Down come guns, with little parasails, to our customer base … or maybe a high altitude delivery drone … dirigible … that drops the gun in a canister with parachute.


we could shape the lifting gas envelope of sky-gun-factory, to look like the floating head from Zardoz.


7:57 AM

“Nothing you say is true.” – some troll

It’s funny … I am deeply shadow banned on the WWW, but YOUTUBE manages to allow the porn-kings and the douche bag burner-account trolls through …

And most days IDGAF …

But today I was trying to be optimistic … and this bullshit drags me down.


Nothing I say is true?

(that would mean he would be unable to hear any of it)

(which would also mean he wouldn’t be able to say I’m saying anything)

(ergo: he’s the liar here … even if I were mostly lying)

(and I am mostly trying to be a normally honest person)

(and once again: FUCK DONALD BAKER)


6:25 AM

“Honey Puff Pancake”

: a study in disappointment

: a class taught by mom


5:16 AM

Cognitive Nihilism: we are lied to all the time, ERGO: everything is a lie.


2:45 AM

People think that there was JUST THAT ONE TIME … in the desert … when Moses was away … that the people built a golden calf …

But … this was shit the chosen people pulled a FEW TIMES …

Golden calves …

Canaanite gods …

(whatever Baal or Moloch seemed useful in their wretched failure …)