LSR Notes: 11/23/20

4:57 PM

Statesman like speech? Soon?


11:17 AM

“Those that never fail? – they are the true losers …” – Dr. Freckles


11:00 AM

I am a total piece of shit, IMHO …

A crappy Christian …

A worse preacher …

And yet I look around, and what do I see?

The total moral desolation of the Earth.

And I look at myself?

(and I realize I’m not so bad)


9:32 AM

ID Checks … in this dystopia … of masks.

There are many forms of stupid – this may be the worst form.

This is also a weakness …

(if the boogaloo were real? – they would see this weakness)


9:21 AM

Can you imagine wrestling the hand of God?

Wrestling an angel?

Jacob? – he was a FUCKING BAD ASS!

Genesis 32: 22-32


8:56 AM

Crypto rise?

Property madness?

That’s what hyperinflation looks like, at first, in a neo-stalinist hell hole …

(but wait, there’s more …)

(next comes famine and death camps … soccer arenas filled with troops …)


7:35 AM

Mark 11:15-19


7:22 AM

Zechariah 1:3


6:30 AM

2 Timothy 3

In the last days …

(and meditate on “bitcoin” and “crypto” in all this, in addition to worthless fiat)