LSR Notes: 11/22/20

10:23 PM

Weird tremors and bangs, for several months now …

I was thinking it was sub-surface tunneling … but …

What if this noise is methane deposit explosions, at the bottom of the sea, in the Puget Sound and off the coast of WA/OR?


9:34 PM

Flying Monkeys, of the last couple years, to date:

  1. Revelations of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
  2. Revelations of pedophilia among the powerful
  3. The repo market disruption
  4. The impeachment
  5. The “monkey herpes” (covid)
  6. The Race War: aka Black Lives Matter
  7. The election

What is the next flyinng monkey?

  1. Civil War
  2. WW3 and nuclear war
  3. Clathrate Gun
  4. NWO “Great Reset” takeover
  5. Bill Gates’ medical tyranny dystopia? (Covid-19 part 2)


9:31 PM

I know people that believe in the “American Dream”, or what I call the hamster wheel.

“If you work really hard, it will all pay off …” – sometimes.

“If you work really hard, you will be able to ‘retire’ at 72 …” – not likely.

The hamster wheel is rigged …

(soon it will pop off its mounting)


4:25 PM

The Beecher's Cheese For All | Seattle Magazine
Ben Garrison | Know Your Meme


3:47 PM

When you think of all the evil deeds going unpunished?

When you think of the pedos and the real estate con artists and the financial engineer scumbag thieves?

The bankers?

The poison peddlers (like Bill Gates)?

Think of Ecclesiastes 8:11


2:45 PM

Look for the contradictions, that’s how you will find the lying …

Look for the fool … the “fool”? – in propaganda theory, this is the person you choose, as the controller, to represent the problem you DON’T want people thinking about or taking seriously …

Al Gore?

Greta Thunberg?

These are paid fools.


10:33 AM

Watching the “Trailer Park Boys” …

(it’s like cleaning the palate of the mind)


10:00 AM