The Lull …

“Once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through and how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing, is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in it.”
~ attributed to Haruki Murakami

We are not in the middle of a terribly violent storm, and for that I am very grateful. Americans are not yet fighting one another in street battles in major cities along the coasts and in some places in the middle of the country. I, for one, continue to believe that is coming.

To what do I attribute this lull? The uncertainty about whether the declaration of victory by the Biden-Harris tyranny is going to stick seems, to me, to be the key to understanding the temporary calm. I have taken to calling them “Dead and Deadly” but that may be unfair to dead persons and deadly organisms. Nevertheless, they seem, to me, to be claiming certainty in what was beyond doubt a fraud-ridden vote counting process.

No, I’m not now and never have said that any past election was legitimate, nor that I feel the votes have ever been counted fairly. Certainly there is extensive evidence of major and critical elections being stolen. LBJ stole his election to the US Senate from Texas, and LBJ helped steal the 1960 presidential election for JFK and himself. One could go on at considerable length, and any in depth look at the matter would go back into the earliest history of elections. The Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece used to say, “abstain from beans” because they did not trust the election process, nor the idea of taking choices by election.

What I am saying is that anyone with a pulse and a willingness to look can find giant holes in the hoax stream narrative about Biden “winning” the presidency. It was funny seeing “The 46th President of the United States” on the cover of Time magazine at a grocery store a couple days ago, because, gosh, when has Time ever told the truth? lol

Statesmanlike Speech?
I don’t think Trump’s role, assuming he is live action role playing for the oligarchy, allows for him to make a statesmanlike speech and bow out. I believe that if he’s LARPing for oligarchs, his role is to be the “grey champion” in the Fourth Turning, and to claim re-election. If he is sincere, and I concede that he may be, there is certainly extensive evidence of fraud and a reasonable case can be made that he has won re-election.

Either way, the scenario of a “failed state” is playing out, and the oligarchs are, in my opinion, moving their game pieces around right now, getting ready for the hot war. In early December, a case will be announced for the electoral votes Trump needs, and after the electors cast their ballots 14 December, and these results are certified by the several states, all hell would break loose. If you aren’t where you want to be for a while after that, you may have difficulty re-locating. Your property in or near a big city is going to be reduced in value in the event of truly staggering levels of violence.

Where to Go?
As is often the case, I am at some risk of sounding like a broken record. Nevertheless, I persist in believing that Americans are most likely to survive by being in the hills and mountains of the Appalachians, Ozarks, and Rocky mountain sets of ranges. And worst off in coastal cities, especially where Marxists have dominated the political scene over the Summer. Your mileage will inevitably vary.

A reasonable question would be: Where are you, Jim? Up until early September, the answer was, Dayton, Ohio. Today the answer is: in the Ozarks, quite near where my grandmother was born in 1903. At this very moment, I am with friends in the Oklahoma Ozarks, between Fayetteville, Arkansas and Tulsa. All in through these hills are Cherokee people. The terrain is heavily wooded, rich in game, well watered, mild in Winter, and difficult for movement off the roads. There are, however, a great many well-paved roads.

Earlier today, several groups from the region met here and discussed correspondence, Agorist Delivery Services Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, and the building of a small intentional community. Such gatherings are important for getting to know one another and building networks of trust. Some here are active in the Caledonia tribe first described by Sonora Jack in these pages. Jack himself attended this meeting and has wandered on toward another coming soon.

The point was made a long time ago by Edmund Burke. When bad men combine, the good must associate, he wrote, or they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. The struggle for freedom is not, of course contemptible, but the refusal to work with anyone else makes it ever so much more difficult. Burke was a man of mixed blessings, I think, some good ideas interspersed with some major blind spots. In any event, we are in times that call for considerable attention to preparations. If you are not yet prepared, you should get that way, soon.

My Beliefs
Spiritually, I believe that very difficult events were set in motion in October 2019. I believe that the man calling himself “Pope Francis” put an abomination in a sacred place. The abomination was a wood idol of Pachamama and the sacred place was the church of Santa Maria in Rome. If I understand the exact date of that event and if, as I believe, it activated the timeline described in Daniel chapters 10, 11, and 12, then the 1,290th day is on 19 April 2023 and “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”

Further to this particular point, I believe I was shown a minor miracle on 20 October 2019 at Waynesville, Ohio which involved a bible turned to Luke chapter 7 that I was holding at the start of meeting when I closed my eyes was, upon my opening my eyes, showing Malachi chapter 4 – a very interesting chapter worthy of consideration.

If my expectations about the people involved are reasonably accurate, there are going to be two inaugurations in January – one for Trump and one for Biden. The Biden government would be recognised by the United Nations, its delegates would be seated at the Security Council, and they would request that about 20 to 30 million UN “peace” keepers be sent from China and Europe. I’ve heard rumours that as much as a division of Chinese troops are currently stationed in Western Canada under UN flag. Those troops would be told to disarm Americans. And, if they bring their own logistics tail, to feed the survivors; if they do not bring their own logistics tail, they will live off the food that Americans would have eaten, and many more Americans will die of starvation.

If I am interpreting scripture correctly, the “Sun of righteousness” represents an actual solar flare or coronal mass ejection, akin to the “Carrington Event” which would have done so much to help John Brown had he been ready to move a few months earlier in his raid on Harper’s Ferry. In any event, history records that all the telegraph wires were down, and some actually melted from the high level of power surging through them. If you have not heard about Faraday cages, you should do some research and think deeply about what digital things you want to have after the storm. The electronics of your power inverter won’t do well in a coronal mass ejection, or in any other sort of electro-magnetic pulse event, so plan accordingly.

What if it is all for nought? What if your preparations and planning and thinking are not actually needed and, like in past crises, nothing much happens, and it all blows over? Well, good news, I’d say, and you can keep prepared for whatever comes next. Because, whether you believe it or not, the system as you’ve known it is, right now, very fragile. It has been pushed, by those in power, over a tipping point. The economy is crashing, the second round of lockdowns are going to hurt millions of businesses worldwide, and the broken elements of the supply chain are going to kill tens of millions of people from starvation this Winter. So, in my view, whatever preparations you make are soon going to be needed and in use. Times are going to be hard.

We’ve had hard times before. Civilisation has collapsed before – in the Great Flood of 10,800 years ago at the end of the Younger Dryas when the major ice sheets all melted quite suddenly; in the Bronze Age collapse; and at other times. Byzantium was destroyed, Rome was destroyed, Babylon was destroyed, Egypt was destroyed. So don’t be surprised when your world goes through a storm. You’ve had many warnings and many reprieves.

If you aren’t ready, get that way. If you are ready, talk to your neighbours and friends and family. Figure out what you are going to do to stay in touch when the Internet is gone, when the dust settles, and when the world is a very different place. That day approaches.

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