LSR Notes: 11/21/20

6:06 PM

The “Great Reset” or “Big Reset” is BULLSHIT …

It is another illusion, designed to confuse, gaslight, and dismay.


4:36 PM

Don’t you DARE use logic or mathematics to dispute the “COVID” myths …


3:39 PM

I’m not crazy – what I’m seeing is NOT condensation from high bypass
turbojet engines.

Sun came out today, this morning? – and blammo … spraying.

Odds that this is Ozone layer related? – I’d say 65%.

Odds that this is related to the general weather program? – I’d say 80%.

Odds that this is natural or that Russian pilots are allowed to paint
penises post 9/11? – 0%.


2:45 PM


1:30 PM