Prayer to Overcome Weakness and Temptation …

My Lord Jesus Christ,

You were tempted by the Devil, but You knew him to be a fool: why are so many blind to this?

You ask for our faith, but many reject faith in favor of convenient lies, flattering compliments, and promises of secular utopia.

God, You ask for our faith and it is all You ask, but that burden is heavy now.

Before the powers of mankind, the servants of Satan, we must rebuke EVIL and do so WITHOUT FEAR!

We must maintain our faith, as Daniel did in the lion’s den, as Israel did in the desert being led by Moses, and as Abraham was willing to do in service to our Lord.

Dark spirits track us, demons haunt our nights …

We are scattered in a land not of our own, we have been driven from our place of peace, our churches, and our communities become desolate, cold, friendless and hateful.

In this long night of the soul, we could so easily forget our Lord – but now is the time WE CANNOT …

Through every age God’s people are tested!

In every life our faith is tested!

In times of plenty, we are expected to be on guard against evil!

In times of famine and plague and fear, we are expected to keep our faith in God!

In Your name, Jesus Christ, we serve!