Your faith will be tested, but you will NOT be abandoned …

  1. First Reading: Psalm 112
  2. Greetings/Announcements: Christmas Day 2020 … we should worship together, in private in need be, but in public if possible … we should grab our bibles, and our love for Christ, and meet at the Capitol in Olympia. Friday, December 25th, Noon … at the capitol steps in Olympia. To celebrate our Lord’s birth.
  3. Second Reading: 1 Kings 9:1-9
  4. Third Reading: Genesis 22:1-18
  5. Prayer to Overcome Weakness and Temptation
  6. Fourth Reading: Matthew 21: 33-45
  7. Of faith and weakness and hope in Christ: the story of my friend and her family … great and evil things are afoot … in this land lies and liars are spreading … the hearts of the faithful are broken … It seems as if this night will never end … but there is a light. Jesus left us the Holy Spirit, and we are not abandoned. God becomes angry, God senses the evil of his children, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. The name of the most holy is profaned while the Devil is resurrected in the hearts of many, AND WE ARE NOT ABANDONED. It will become hard to protect the body, the things, the stuff … your land will be taken … your children threatened … as Lot before the unholy throng of Sodom. The faithful in Christ will be torn from their families and persecuted … and in all this? – WE ARE NOT ABANDONED! The greatest glory of Christ IS IN THE BODY of HIS CHURCH – WHEN WE CHOOSE TO NOT ABANDON EACH OTHER TO THE MACHINATIONS of EVIL MEN and WOMEN!
  8. Meditation for those whose faith is being tested
  9. Lord’s Prayer
  10. Blessings