LSR Notes: 11/19/20

8:07 PM

“Human meat steaks, for you and your family … human meat steaks for $7.99 …” – Satan


9:40 AM

That little wasp woke up just long enough to die.

(this will be true for many in the near future)


9:29 AM

My feelz … these days.


9:19 AM


8:54 AM

Wasps and hornets …

Waking up …

Outside my window …

Like it’s Springtime …

(but it’s not)

(the small amount of HIGH UV-C sunlight we got 20 minutes ago triggered that response)

(that ozone layer … working so good these days)


7:55 AM

Parents offering up their children to Moloch in worship …

Parents allowing their kid’s brains to slowly starve of oxygen with this mask-topia …

And you might wonder what curses are coming?

As you mine bitcoin?