LSR Notes: 11/13/20

5:28 PM

I’m pretty certain THIS is a curse …

2 Samuel 12:10-14


5:11 PM

  1. there is nothing that prevents Dyson hot rods.
  2. the Universe is at least 10 billion years old, so by now, one civilization would have built one
  3. chances are the same Dyson hot rod civilization would also figure out “safe” faster than light travel
  4. The Dyson hot rod probably only gets 1,000 light years to the sun … (miles per gallon)
  5. These things would be chewing up suns left and right, and leaving red giants and other gumbous behind
  6. Since this has not happened?

Q.E.D. Outer Space does not exist


8:42 AM

Salmon are NOT corn.

So why would we think we could raise them like corn?


8:34 AM

“God is unafraid of us. Why are we so afraid of God?” – Dr. Freckles

7:37 AM


Of this we can be honest.

My sister Mary is organizing a protest tomorrow, rally point? – Olympia, WA, the Capital.

Rally time: 9 AM

Judges 4-5