LSR Notes: 11/12/20

4:21 PM

Almost every SyFy TV show in the last 30+ years has either focused on, or included, the “multiverse” as a component of the story line.

(and even Supernatural … wtf)


4:11 PM

Secret to anti-gravity lay in: bumblebees, spiders … and french bulldogs.


2:48 PM

A friend sent me this, noting … it would be the basis for an interesting scam.


8:53 AM

“When you get older, you have to use duct tape to hold yourself together … maybe gorilla tape.” – Dr. Freckles


8:21 AM

“The story of God is bigger than the Bible … a lot bigger.” – Dr. Freckles


8:12 AM

I have epilepsy of the cosmos … which is a lot like existential herpes.


7:39 AM

In the Millennial Kingdom, if we have FTL (faster than light travel)?

Then we could explore every corner of God’s creation.

(and that might just take 1,000 years)

(with FTL)


7:05 AM

“Don’t marry a Canaanite woman.” – The Bible


6:54 AM

Because of my nature, I am a map of the sins of the world.

(as all 50 year old men are)


6:40 AM

“I’m Irish … there’s NOTHING I won’t do to the point of stupid … including love.” – Dr. Freckles


5:42 AM

In the time to come, my Rock will attend – as fire rages and the howls of the forgotten grow weary in the streets.

In the time to come, my Savior will reign again on Earth, and the nations will melt away and mankind will know true freedom for a thousand years.

In the time to come, all of the sins and failures of this human epoch will be laid bare, and final judgment will be swift.