LSR Notes: 11/11/20

5:06 PM

Youtube is a little broke …


5:00 PM


3:43 PM

Dancing nurses … during the “pandemic” …

Dancing scientists at CERN …

Dancing Israeli art students after 9/11 …

(what are they dancing about?)


2:44 PM

Can prophecy be fulfilled if people don’t behave this way?

Seems like people are acting PRECISELY as expected … in the aggregate …


7:42 AM

Choose life, or choose death.

Make your choice soon …

God is watching.

I choose life – I’ve lived ever day of my life as I wished … period.

This means choosing liberty … CHOOSING THE EVERLASTING SOUL that CHRIST GAVE YOU … over this chunk of flesh that lasts a short while.

Can you say the same?

Did you live according to your will, or some dark force?

Do you follow Jesus, who is UNAFRAID of your disobedience?

Or …

Do you follow Satan … who demands your obedience?