LSR Notes: 11/10/20

6:00 PM


4:45 PM

Cresto McGhee, Cresto McGee …

He’s a friend to you and me … from planet 3 …

A place for vagabonds and bums and diseased french bulldogs.

A place of misery and love …

Romance and fast cars …

Cocaine nightmares and laser beam sunsets …

(go fuck yourself)


4:42 PM

Dog whistle “we’ll release the documents …”, but I remember “she’s going to jail” bullshit too.

Biden looks like he’s the winner – not because of the election, but because of the CIA narrative builders at Langley …

Now the lists will be made up, people will be arrested – not Hillary … mind you.

If you expressed boogaloo interests? – you’ll be found, arrested.

If you are registered with any liberty supporting org? – they’ll get you too …

Bill Gates will be allowed to poison your children …

The deep state will be back in the business of brain washing and raping your children …

Hillary will get the adrenochrome she needs.

(there’s your election update)


4:16 PM

Grunket tribes are forming up east of Houser Street, not far from the abattoir where stray cats and dogs are made into street tacos … Old Charlie works there still … he likes the style.

Fromen-folks, covered in oils and feces, are migrating from Ballard to Westlake, their bodies are covered in sores …

Next week protein cubes are 50% off at Oort’s Butt-cake warehouse.

Time to feed.


9:53 AM


7:52 AM


7:48 AM


7:19 AM