LSR Notes: 11/9/20

9:49 PM


11:17 AM

The captivity got worse with the credit cards and the VELVEETA …


11:09 AM

Feelz, these days …


9:54 AM

  1. Vacuum/low pressure vessel
  2. Infrared heat source

A rapid curing method for hemp/marijuana.



9:39 AM

[complexity rant:]

the devil is a freakishly powerful fuckhead – mentally and physically

but he’s still just a super strong robot super computer, running a “bubble sort” algorithm …

he’s smart …

(but he’s not wise)

(the fact that humans CAN be wise angers him)

(you need a connection to God to be wise)


9:29 AM

I think one of the key lessons from the Book of Job is the following:

  1. Stuff goes away, we have riches … and then they’re gone.
  2. The body dies … we may love our bodies, but they grow old and die.

But the soul? – that can live forever, with Christ.

We have no choice about physical death – it will happen.

We have no choice about worldly possessions and relationships – these things change and sometimes wither away …

But the soul lasts … if we tend to it, if we follow Jesus.


8:56 AM

I am a dualist – and that means I see the world in terms of rules that apply to matter and energy, and rules that apply to spirit.

In a cosmic sense, the Devil seeks to sever all connections to the Holy Spirit, leaving only a realm fit for demons …

(remember this in the months ahead)

(and remember every person can die once or twice: in the body, always … but dying in the spirit? – that’s optional)


7:37 AM

Time is coming, a choice is made.

Time is coming when you can decide if you want to be a slave to the Devil, or serve God as a free person …

Time is coming when “a little evil for some good” reasoning won’t work. This is “evil by inches” – and that time is over.

You can walk free with the Lord, or be a slave in Hell …

(this is the choice)