“Who is my lord? Who do I serve?”: A church service …

8/23/20, 11 AM, Seattle (WA), Volunteer Park, just North of the Water Tower …


  1. Psalm 23
  2. Opening Prayer – a prayer for peace, understanding, respect, love, dignity and liberty … https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=435
  3. Greetings: people should greet each other, as they feel comfortable. If you don’t want to have physical contact, do what your heart moves you to do. Please respect each other’s space.
  4. Lord’s prayer: https://dfgtc.org/lp.pdf
  5. First Reading: 1st Samuel, Chapter 8
  6. Prayer for the lost, the sick, for the weary, the lonely, for the poor in body and spirit … a minute of silent reflection. https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=440
  7. Second Reading: John 15:18-27 and John 16:1-5
  8. Short Sermon: “Who is my lord? Who do I serve?” https://dfgtc.org/iglooluau/?p=428
  9. Public testimony, before man and God. I will go first, and then allow others to speak, before the congregation, as the spirit moves them.
  10. Amazing Grace: https://dfgtc.org/ag.pdf
  11. Closing prayer – a prayer of friendship, of faith, of fellowship in Christ.
  12. Contact: me@iamsully.com

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