Violence Yet to Come

“The Democrats believed in flooding the system, create chaos, grab power, and accuse your opponent of misbehaviour… this is the ideology of two Marxist professors – Cloward and Piven.”
~ Tyler Durden

Readers of this site will recall recent essays in which I told readers to expect post-election violence. In my defence, we still haven’t arrived at the post election time period. Owing to extensive work leading up to this past week, with motor-voter, same-day registration, and ballot “harvesting” by communists going door to door to “helpfully” fill out ballots, collect them in person from people who are trusting souls, discarding the votes they don’t want counted and speedily delivering the votes they do want counted, there are now many mechanisms for nearly untraceable vote fraud.

But that hasn’t been sufficient for those who crave power, domination, and victim disarmament. The communists have, through $2.5 million of Clinton Foundation money, put “Dominion” voting systems in 30 states. Dominion “updated” their software the night before the election to further steal vote totals. In one Michigan county, six thousand out of eighteen thousand votes were maliciously redirected.

Instead of another majority for Donald Trump, there are “battleground states” where vote fraud and an extensive delay in bothering to count the votes, along with the production of ballots long after election day, has resulted in what the communists at the Associated Press and those at the Nationalist Broadcasting Communism claim is a victory for Kamala Harris and her magic carpet, Joe Biden. Joe, the author of the worst “get tough on crime” legislation ever, and Kamala, a primary beneficiary of the arrest, jail, prison, and probation for profit industries, also known as plantation slavery, are now going to be congratulated by communists leading the governments of countries worldwide.

If that news isn’t difficult enough, I just learned that all web sites that challenge any official narrative which are archived on the Wayback Machine are now going to be censored, removed, or bannered as deceitful by the Marxists who run No peace yet, as software will be grabbing pages off their servers for days ahead to create mirrors before they damage what they promised to preserve. Sigh.

Violence Still Coming
Yes, I was completely wrong to expect violence in major cities beginning on Wednesday morning. There has been some violence, of course, but most of it awaits a determination by the communists to insist that Trump is “delaying the inevitable” by not conceding defeat in the face of a stolen election. The process has been dragged out, so that the outcome insisted upon by the communists can be manufactured, faked, and imposed.

Is the current election the most fraudulent in American history? It would be hard to prove, but I don’t think it is. I think every election has had considerable shenanigans. Look at the US Senate election in Texas in 1948 if you want a very solid example. Lyndon Johnson stole that election. Look at the national election in 1960 for another example. Between Mayor Daly in Chicago and LBJ’s friends in South Texas, another stolen election. There are endless other examples.

What has happened this year is simply that the theft and fraud has been deliberately placed out where everyone can see it. The purpose? To have those who are willing to fight for freedom step forward to be identified by the deep state and its communist, banker-financed thugs. Yes, Bank of America has contributed to the ardent Marxists of Black Lives Matter, just as the banks funded the Japanese militarists in their expansionist policies, funded Hitler, funded Lenin and Stalin, funded Mao, and will fund anyone who is willing to slaughter millions for their greed.

You are meant to want to kill other Americans, by those in power. The oligarchs don’t want Americans to hunt down the oligarchs, prove them guilty of raping and killing children, then drinking their adrenochrome-filled blood, and execute them. Nor do the oligarchs want to be held directly, personally, individually accountable for profiting from war and slavery. Ten million eight hundred thousand Americans are arrested every year so oligarchs can make them pay exorbitant fees to call home from jail, make them plea bargain for their freedom, make them suffer endlessly in prison and on probation or parole, because the oligarchs hate mankind and want each of us to suffer as much as possible.

Making you kill your neighbours over a stolen election is just another source of joy to them. Obama will be on his estate on Martha’s Vineyard purchased with money paid to him after he left office for having sold out American foreign policies while in office, and he believes there is nothing you can do about it. The Podestas will continue raping children and laughing at you, as they believe there is nothing you can do about it. Hillary will continue drinking the blood of children she rapes and kills, believing there is nothing you can do about it. Hunter Biden will be smoking meth and enjoying life, confident he’ll never be arrested. Marxist professors like Frances Fox Piven will continue to preach the destruction of freedom and the implementation of tyranny because she believes no one will ever hold her to account for being evil.

The question is not whether there are people who richly deserve to die for their crimes against humanity, but, rather, whether the coming violence throughout America, and all over the world, is going to reach any of the actual criminal “master minds” behind all this madness. In many ways, the answer to that question is up to those who take up arms in defence of freedom.

What Should Americans Do?
Should you, then, defend your home and your community from rampaging Marxists? Yes, of course. You should defend yourself, your home, your property, your business, and the people, homes, properties, and businesses of your neighbours, and you should do so with means you have available. You are free to choose exactly how much force is appropriate in a given situation, and whether to use deadly force in a given situation, and I am not here to tell you what to do.

Further to this point, I continue to believe very strongly that the deep state filth, including the people who work at the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Department of Homeland Security (Heimatlandsicherheitdienst or Gehimstadt Polizei), Bureau of Alcoholics, Tobacco fiends, Firearms haters, and Explosives false flaggers, MI6, Mossad, other espionage agencies, as well as the vast majority of bureau-rats at the rest of the alphabet soup agencies and defence department groups, have in mind punishing Americans for refusing to be obedient to their tyranny. The people who claim to be public servants are in fact tyrants. They don’t love their neighbours, they extort, abuse, and hurt their neighbours. Even the school teachers who torment your children are part of the Marxist coalition against freedom.

Can the 200 million Americans who live in homes with one or more guns (note, firearms is a more restricted class – many guns are not as-defined-by-BATFE ‘firearms’) keep themselves free from 4 million federal employees and 26 million school teachers, along with a couple million state, county, and local officials and law enforcement officers? I believe the answer is yes, but not without being careful. After all, the United Nations is about to certify the Biden victory, disown the Trump appointed delegates from the United States, install Kamala apointees, and then the Security Council will vote to send “peace” keepers to the United States to disarm Americans, rape them, starve them where possible, and “vaccinate” them. You can laugh all you want about how blue helmets will be easy targets, but 30 million troops from foreign countries will have an affect on your home.

Going off “half-cocked” to use a metaphor from the era of flintlock pistols is no way to proceed. If you want to be free, you are going to have to do quite a lot of thinking, planning, and working. It won’t be possible to defend territory within large coastal cities. Defending territory in 4th Generation Warfare is not really possible, but you can deny territory to the enemy if you have good terrain, really know your region well, and if you are willing to temporarily abandon positions. Fixed fortifications aren’t going to do you any good.

Similarly, and by these very same tokens, marching on the state capital or the national capital cities are not going to generate the kinds of results Americans really want. You don’t want to seize power, because the power that has already been seized was never properly delegated. You cannot delegate the powers to enslave, steal, murder, and rape because you don’t have any such proper powers, so anyone doing those things are not exercising delegated power. The current election farce, and its antecedents for over 200 years, clearly illustrates the illegitimacy of those in political office. (Ever wonder why incumbents win re-election so often? It isn’t because they are trusted or popular.)

What do you want? Me, I want to be left alone to read books, write books, teach people, pray to God, walk in the woods, hunt, fish, drive, fly, and scuba dive just as I please. I didn’t vote this past Tuesday, and have not voted for the prior three decades, and I don’t have any stake in who wins or loses. What I have a stake in is what kind of country I live in, what kind of home I make, and what sort of society and culture I’m able to help create for those who come after me.

Thus, if you want a “war leader” look elsewhere. If you want someone to help you understand recent and ancient history and any number of events in between, I’m happy to help. If you want suggestions on how to put together a free community, and where, I’m glad to be of service. And if you want a relationship with God, if you want to be God’s friend, my suggestion is that you begin, right now, talking to God and asking for God’s friendship.

All these things you see around you will pass away, but God is eternal. So is your soul. You were made in God’s image. You were given free will, including the freedom to disobey, because God wanted real friends, whole and complete individuals, with their own autonomy, not robots required to obey. God has not given up on mankind. Far from it. The best is yet to come.


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