LSR Notes: 11/7/20

11:37 PM

Piety … and being a good Christian and a good preacher.

a : fidelity to natural obligations (as to parents)

b : dutifulness in religion : devoutness.


11:32 PM

Off twitter? – because it destroys my soul.

Off twitter? – because I went on to advertise my podcast, and that had minimal positive impact.

Off twitter? – because I wanted to reconnect with some folks, and I did … and I built (I hope) new real relationships …

And now my brain fog is lifting.


10:29 PM

There is a lesser Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard …

There is a GREATER Scientology, founded by Jean Jacques Rousseau …

One was the result of a science fiction writer …

One was the result of a half-baked french man.

“Social Contract” – is the “Billion Year Contract” of the GREATER Scientology.

“Disconnection” – yeah, look at all the nice folks who threatened their dying parents with “disconnection” if they didn’t vote for either Biden or Trump … and mainly it was Biden supporters doing this disconnection.

So – you escape one scientology …

you end up in the other.


9:28 PM

“… the final solution …” – Bill Gates …

“… 10-15% reduction in population from new vaccines and reproductive health …” – Bill Gates



1:31 PM

This is Ecclesiastes …


12:41 PM

Negative leverage: debt

Positive leverage: technology

Emphasize the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with Mr. Powell.


9:22 AM

Son of Sam?


Son of BEANS …


9:18 AM

Mindfulness: just the most recent Scientology


12:54 AM

Let’s break things down …

  1. [contested election] Civil War -> Hyper Statism: 10% chance
  2. [contested election] Civil War -> USSR-Style Collapse: 20% chance
  3. Biden Wins, Trump gives “statesman like speech”, and Bill Gates is “Covid Czar” by X-Mas …: 50% chance
  4. All of this lying, cheating, stealing, revealing, fear mongering, war mongering, BULLSHIT, is to cover up something really terrible. (like the Clathrate Gun): 20% chance


12:12 AM

So it looks like (right now) that the narrative is “Biden Wins” … and this means?

  1. Might mean hyper-statism, if Trump gives the “statesman like speech”.
  2. OR … It might mean Civil War 2 …

If it’s hyper-statism, that means “COVID CZAR BILL GATES” and mandatory vaccinations. Well – that’s my line in the sand …

If it’s Civil War? – I either stay in Seattle and become of partisan OR I get East of the Cascades asap.