Dark Winter

This is a hypothetical, not a real situation … yet.

Biden wins the “election”, Trump gives his “statesman like” speech of concession. Trump will say things like “we’re better than them” or “we fought the good fight” … doesn’t matter.

Bill Gates is put in charge of the COVID-19 operation, this places him deep in the White House. President Biden doesn’t do any further press conferences until after the inauguration.

“Dark Winter” plan is executed: despite the cover story disinformation, the real purpose of dark-winter is to execute the last brutal tranche of geoengineering prior to out of control climate collapse. The main issue being uncontrolled methane release, secondarily the failing ozone layer.

There are THOUSANDS OF YEARS of stored methane and easily convertible organic materials around the arctic circle. Methane releases are becoming extreme.

By January, 2021, aircraft and ships are beginning to go missing – and the cover stories are no longer believable. A report of a ship being swallowed up by the sea leads to a UFO hysteria.

On February 22, following the formal transfer of power, President Biden holds a press conference – but passes off the bulk of the conference to Bill Gates.

Gates proceeds to explain the “truth”, that they are geoengineering, and they need to increase the amount of it … per an emergency.

Draconian measures to control the media and the WWW information exchange are put in effect, but are too late – the real truth leaks out … that the Earth is experiencing what’s called the “Clathrate Gun” or “Venus Syndrome”. More planes and ships disappear, all non-emergency air travel and ocean travel is blocked.

Another part of this relates to the damage done, to the Ozone Layer, by decades of geoengineering.

Not sure how much more I want to say about this ….

There are some basic components of this scenario:

a) What if “Wuhan” was an OZONE layer event – allowing UV-C and X-Ray to inundate the city, for days, causing radiation illness?

b) What if all the BS – covid, race-war, impeachment, pedophile revelations, election, etc … what if ALL OF THIS … the truth and the lies, was spilled into the public arena to keep people confused, fearful, irrational and easily manipulated?

c) What if the “mask” crap is more about getting people used to what will be necessary (and probably already is) – full protection against toxins in the atmosphere related to geoengineering and solar radiation management? – have you seen what’s coming?

Forget N95 Masks. These Space Helmets Are The Latest Pandemic Fashion  Accessory

d) Bill Gates is involved in both the “covid” bullshit AND the REAL and ongoing geoengineering – it makes sense for him to get involved, maybe even become the “face” of geoengineering.

e) There have been protests … but offsetting the protests is this general ennui about the future. I think on some level, people sense what is about to happen: https://dfgtc.org/docs/20160801_Going_to_the_crawlspace.pdf

f) is it the end of the world? Are there solutions?

g) in propaganda terms, Al Gore and Greta Thunberg are paid fools … their role, per the history of propaganda is not to make “silly things sillier” … it’s to take a real topic, and impact credibility via the “fool”.

h) the “COVID” reduces shipping traffic and air traffic – thereby reducing the risk that the public will detect the deception until it is too late to do anything but wait to die … As stated: if this conjecture turns out to be the case? – I would expect large scale uncontrolled methane releases, and these would (normally) lead to shipping losses and airplane crashes.

i) what if the Boeing snafus are really about methane … and the impact this extra methane is having on standard avionics and software for avionics.

j) search GOOGLE for “Clathrate Gun” – the main promoted articles are debunking articles … this proves nothing, but Google (and big-tech), in general, buries the truth … they don’t promote it.

k) death-cults: and the story of that dude I interviewed, and his witch friend from Portland (OR).

l) there is NOTHING about this scenario that necessarily conflicts with either scripture OR the Book of Revelation … in fact? – I think there is imagery/symbolism in the BoR that would support this as one of the “bowls of wrath”. Also – nothing about this conflicts with a globalist-satanic agenda.

j) Global dimming that results from geoengineering and other human activity has reduced the amount of healthy sunlight, and thereby increasing the incidence of depression.


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