LSR Notes: 11/5/20

11:27 PM

“Dark Winter”: the beginning of last-phase geoengineering they won’t be able to hide … to go outside, you will need a helmet.


10:37 PM

“I was pressured to divorce the low life …”

Yeah … that totally only happens in the Scientology cult.

Not like that didn’t happen to me, my sister (in Heaven) or my brother on Earth.

(I swear, people leave a lower level cult only to find themselves in another abusive cult called “Merica”)


4:05 PM

Is twitter a cult?

Is Social Media a cult?


2:43 PM

Scientology: the general theory of slaves


L. Ron Hubbard



2:35 PM

The Turing Test: an autistic definition of existence


2:16 PM

The internet is NOT the “wild west” … it is the prison gulag.

There are guards – and they are NOT there to protect you …

And you are locked in with lots of people who want to cause you harm.


12:28 PM

John Sweeney of the BBC be like “Scientology is crazy oppressive …”

And Julian Assange be like “hold my beer”.


12:04 PM

Watching the scientology documentary series: and there’s a photo shopped geoengineering trail in the photo …

Funny … a movie about a cult that gaslights people … with gaslighting embedded.

Season 1, Ep 8 “The Aftermath: with Leah Remini”


11:44 AM

From the show “Aftermath: with Leah Remini” …

“There is no unconditional love in Scientology.”

(honey – there’s no unconditional love in statism either)


11:10 AM

Quote from Mark Rinder: “The government can’t do anything against cults …”

And the scorched Branch Davidians say … “hold my beer”


8:30 AM


6:35 AM

If we get the “statesman like speech” from Trump? And he concedes?

That means “Q” was a psyop.

That means the #Boogaloo was a honeypot for identifying threats, working up target lists.

This means:

a) rona overdrive

b) cult-America overdrive

c) huge crackdowns

Gridlock? – since there is no rule of law, “gridlock” need not apply.

Bill Gates is COVID CZAR by Christmas.

After Trump concedes later today, but says “I’ll fight to know the truth” in his speech.

(he’ll go back to being a pedo, Trump)


6:08 AM

“Nobody deserves to have their family torn apart by a belief system.” – Leah Remini

She’s talking about #Scientology.

With respect to statism and my family? – this equally applies.

(escape one cult, arrive in the greater-cult)


5:33 AM

“Dan, it will reset …”


“China has ultimate power …”


“You must be racist …”

“Sure, it’s 1988 calling, and it’s saying you’re stupid.”

(and scene)